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Фотография  Abigor (photo  Abigor)

Год рождения: 1993
Возраст: 26 лет
Место рождения: Вена, Австрия

Quotes of Abigor


  • ⋅Abigor was formed in mid-summer 1993. / Abigor
  • ⋅The first demo, _Ash Nazgh..._ was released in November 1993. / Abigor
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅The second demo, named _Lux Devicta Est_, was released in January '94, in February the _Promo-tape_, and in March we released our last official demo, _Moonrise_. / Abigor
  • ⋅After the _Moonrise_ demo we replaced our vocalist Tharen with Silenius, who is also involved in Summoning. / Abigor
  • ⋅Personally I think that it depends on the spread message, and the philosophy of the involved individuals, and not how one performs the music. / Abigor
  • ⋅And who says that Black-Metal with clean, or even female vocals can't be straight and aggressive too?! I think that's an idiotic matter. / Abigor
  • ⋅Also I see Black-Metal still as my way of self realization, and I create art that I like, and I give a shit if others can accept it. / Abigor
  • ⋅ABIGOR represents the everlasting spirit of grow and decay, it's a restless demon, the demon of war. Sixty of the infernal legions are at his command, ABIGOR holds the banner of Satan high, and we are the mouth of Satan. / Abigor
  • Лучшие дня

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    Не белая, не пушистая, а просто рыжая
    Елена Захарова
    Лидер группы «Ногу свело» - уникальный человек
    Максим Покровский
  • ⋅For us there exist no limits. We believe in our art, and we are satisfied with it. / Abigor
  • ⋅That's important - not what others think about black metal and how it's meant to be. / Abigor

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