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Дэйв Коз


Dave Koz

Фотография Дэйв Коз (photo Dave Koz)

День рождения: 27.03.1963 года
Возраст: 55 лет
Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США

Quotes of Dave Koz

Американский саксофонист, исполняющий музыку в стиле джаз и смус-джаз

  • ⋅Nowadays, not to say that that doesn't happen, but music is made a lot almost in a laboratory where you get one guy working in one studio, they send the file to another guy in some other part of the world, they send it back and then they send it this way and that way. Musicianship is kind of - there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, some great music is made that way. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I feel like collaboration in music has allowed me to grow musically beyond my wildest dreams. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I remember coming in to the studio and meeting Barry Manilow . I was kind of star-struck. He said, "I want to play you this song." We get to the end of the song and I hear him actually sing my name as part of the lyric. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor! /Dave Koz
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  • ⋅Barry Manilow was very special for me. We've had many collaborations since then and all have been equally rewarding and musical. I've learned so much from him. I like being a student around him; observing him in his environment. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅Barry Manilow is a guy who's had a tremendous longevity that few have had in the music business. I'm in awe of what he does. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I'd probably end up doing the same thing over and over. We're creatures of habit. We know what we know. With collaboration...and I'm not just talking about music, I'm talking about in life - if you're a good listener and you have your ears open, and to be a good collaborator you have to be able to listen, you can learn something from somebody else. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I credit my collaborators for allowing me to grow. Without them I wouldn't have that opportunity. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅The collaboration wish list is huge, very long. It goes from people like Elton John, for whom I have an unbelievable amount of respect, to Snoop Dogg, whom I also respect a great deal. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅That's the beautiful thing about the saxophone. It can peacefully coexist with just about anything - whether it's hip-hop, rap, rock music, pop, R&B or jazz, there's a place for the saxophone in all of those styles. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I love a lot of the young, new artists who are coming up, including Adele. I suppose anybody would freak out to work with her. To be able to play a saxophone solo on one of her songs would be the most ultimate thing ever. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I think that there have been times, especially with writing songs, where you sit in a room with somebody, and they could be a very well-respected songwriter, but for whatever reason, the chemistry is just not right. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅You have to be willing to get back on that horse and try it again if the mood strikes. That was one of the great pieces of wisdom that I got early on in my career in terms of being blocked. If you get to a creative roadblock, you can sit there and rack your brain. /Dave Koz
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  • ⋅Alan Menken, for example, is one of my heroes for all of the music he's written for Disney. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅Some of my best friends have written Broadway shows. Allee Willis and Brenda Russell wrote The Color Purple which has been recently revived on Broadway. That to me is such a different hat that you have to wear, but music is music. A Broadway show is something I would love to have the opportunity to do. /Dave Koz
  • ⋅I would never say no to that [marriage] . It hasn't been my path up to this point. I think it would be nice to look forward to that. Meeting somebody of that caliber of "Yes, I want to spend my life with you." Of course, why not. I love the fact that that is legal in every state. /Dave Koz

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