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  • ⋅I started digging into parts of myself that I probably ignore and don't really get to express because Common is an artist that is conscious and is aware and is trying to put a positive energy to the world. / Common
  • ⋅I started getting more in tune with who I am by doing roles or even just being around people. / Common
  • ⋅Me being able to be acting and doing other things has opened me as an artist, and I think even more from a visual standpoint. / Common
  • ⋅Acting is just another way to express myself as an artist. I realized if you're an artist, you're an artist and you can express that through music, through painting, through photography, through acting - this is just another way for me to express myself. / Common
  • ⋅I look into mother's stomach, wonder if you are a boy or a girl
    Turnin' this woman's womb into a tomb
    But she and I agree, a seed we don't need
    You would've been much more than a mouth to feed
    But someone I would've fed this information I read
    To someone my life for you I would've had to leave
    Instead I led you to death. / Common
  • ⋅My mom has obviously had a powerful influence on my life and her voice can describe certain things that I couldn't see in myself. / Common
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  • ⋅I think and speak clearer since I cut the dairy out. I can breathe better and perform at a better rate, and my voice is clearer. I can explore different things with my voice that I couldn't do because of my meat and dairy ingestion. I am proud and blessed to be a vegetarian, everything became clear. / Common
  • ⋅When you see people that lived their purpose and sacrificed, who are everyday people - teachers, sanitation workers, and just people from all walks of life - that said, "I'm standing up for what I believe in. I'm standing up for my community." That reaffirms what you can do. / Common
  • ⋅I've always been asked, "What type of character would you love to play?," and I've always said a pastor. / Common
  • ⋅I'm a black man that is proud to be black, and I want to help the black community, but I love all mankind. / Common
  • ⋅When I see people of my likeness, or who are somebody that I feel connected to, doing something great, I fee like I can do it. It gives me some hope and vision. / Common
  • ⋅The human being that I strive to be is a great human being, like a loving human being, but as an actor, you take on roles that are not you and that's the fun part for me as far as acting goes. You really get to learn about other human beings and not judge. / Common
  • ⋅Not everyone is the same. You can't label a person just because of what they do or what they've done. / Common
  • ⋅I want a better world, I want love and harmony amongst people no matter what color you are, what race or what background you come from or sexual orientation. / Common
  • ⋅To have my name said like, "Common and John Legend, Golden Globe nominees," is one of the greatest achievements I've ever had as an artist, as a person. / Common
  • ⋅The possibility of an Oscar is something I definitely think about and the fact that I can even say that is just a blessing. It's something I would be incredibly honored to be a part of. / Common
  • ⋅Black people in America have come from slavery to other forms of being oppressed and there are some things that come with that - some pain and anger that come with that and we as black people have to deal with it to heal that. White people have to understand it and have some compassion toward it. / Common
  • ⋅It's hard to see blessings in a violent culture / Common
  • ⋅I felt like I had experienced a lot of things in the first chapter of my life, and I wanted it to inspire and motivate people, so I just started writing. / Common
  • ⋅One thing I always loved about hip-hop music was the raw, boom-bap element - it felt powerful and manly. / Common
  • ⋅Money is the root of all evil. / Common
  • ⋅Education is what you get from reading the small print; experience is
    what you get from not reading it. / Common
  • ⋅I appreciate this moment in time...ball players and actors be knowing my rhymes / Common
  • ⋅No matter what walk of life you're from, you can appreciate the music - songs [can] resonate in your soul and your heart. / Common
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  • ⋅To be a storyteller is to be able to speak truth, to be able to use your imagination, to use the creative gifts that the Creator has given you. / Common
  • ⋅To me to be a storyteller is you got to be able to speak the truth. You've got to be able to absorb life and take in life and be able to interpret it in a way that anybody in this room could say, "Man, that's my story. I can relate to that." / Common
  • ⋅Now I'm on the rise, doin' business with my guys. Visions realize, music [your craft] affected lives. A gift from the skies, to be recognized, I'm keeping my eye on the people, that's the prize / Common
  • ⋅When I did the album Electric Circus, not only was it not commercially received. But even the critics and hip-hop community was like "What is this?" At that moment, I could've been written off. But I had to believe because I really love what I do. I'm passionate about it. If 12 million recognize it, that's beautiful. If 12,000 do, that's beautiful. But I'm always going to put my heart and soul in it and I'm going to shoot for the stars and go for the highest levels of recognition and creativity. I definitely doubted my / Common
  • ⋅Never lookin' back or too far in front of me; the present is a gift and I just wanna be. / Common
  • ⋅I start thinking:
    How many souls hip-hop has affected?
    How many dead folks this art resurrected?
    How many nations this culture connected?
    Who am I to judge one's perspective? / Common
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Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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