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Metal Church


Metal Church

Фотография  Metal Church (photo  Metal Church)

Start The Fire

хеви-металлическая группа

Metal Church:


----- --- ----

Break down the walls of forever.

Pull down hard on the lever.

Let them know that you can turn the key.

Though they try to hold us down.

Turn it up, that chainsaw sound.

I just love to see my parents flee.


So you see, that they're all going nowhere.

Everybody's staring into space

Start the fire.

Bring down the hammer.

Start start the fire.

Burning on forever.

Do ya see the storm clouds a coming?

Can you feel the juice, it's a hummin'.

Feed the power cables into me.

Like a ship that's build for destruction.

I'm a metal man of construction.

And I'll fire my cannons, one by one.

Repeat Chorus

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