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Metal Church


Metal Church

Фотография  Metal Church (photo  Metal Church)

Rest In Pieces April 15 1912

хеви-металлическая группа


Integrity of construction, the best money could buy

Her size greater than any, a Belfast shipyard's pride

signal flags spelled out the word success

for her maneuvering trials

Preservers and lifeboats were not in excess

Un-sinkable no plans to save lives

Athinai reports icebergs and field ice

At seven bells, ahead just five miles

A black hulk against the night's darkness

Disaster along the starboard side

Full speed astern were the orders

It would do them no good

No apparent collision

A rip deep below the waterline

"Come at once we have struck a berg"

Interference in transmission

The newest, largest ship afloat

Had two hours to live

Lower all lifeboats which we have too few

Women and children first

Distress rockets filled the air


Sinking faster, every light ablaze

Machinery, engines, crashing to the blow

Arching vertical, stern points to the sky

The great ship fracturing in two

Watching their families, make it to safety

Fifteen hundred went down

The orchestra played to the last moments

An eerie almost unreal sound

The calm and ice North Atlantic

Titanic's burial ground

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