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Metal Church


Metal Church

Фотография  Metal Church (photo  Metal Church)

Lb. Of Cure

хеви-металлическая группа

You see my life is rather simple

I'm just another face

And all your textbooks

All you know

Will soon construct the case

Warped emotions like a river

Everywhere a bend

And what we cannot hold together

We try to keep within

Listen doctor you cannot help me

The cure that's in a jar

All the needless all the pills

I think its gone too far

Now the pain is really blinding

I'm crawling up the wall

Try to hold on

Try to stop it

I think I've lost it all

Can't you see just where the troubles

All are in my head

Iron bars that keep me safe

While strapped here on this bed

You've poked and probed and podded me

So often times I've cried

Now I pray on bended knee

God just let me die

Count the ceiling tiles above

As you wheel me down the hall

Another treatment once a week

I'm losing all recall

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