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Metal Church


Metal Church

Фотография  Metal Church (photo  Metal Church)


хеви-металлическая группа


I ride alone, the wasteland I cross will take another life,

We'll take another life

I feel a dry wind, dust is in my eyes, the arctic cold at night,

The earth it tells me lies

God in heaven my only friend, will I live to see my journey's end

As the world awakens me so hard, my values have been changed

I make a promise to myself, never again

A dusty god-forsaken path, endless to my dismay

I know these are badlands, somehow I'll find my way

No more paradise no more soothing rain,

all a sacrifice the pain is all the same

But still I'm pushing onward alone I can't deny

My presence fills the desert my spirit never dies

Will these lonely nights ever end will I live to see my journey's end

The vultures that circle, cloud the empty sky

Patiently waiting they wait for me to die

Tortured and beaten, blistered by the sun

Forceful and heartless, have the badlands won

But still I'm pushing onward, alone I can't deny

My presence fills the desert, my spirit never dies

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