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Def Leppard


Def Leppard

Фотография  Def Leppard (photo  Def Leppard)

Год рождения: 1977
Возраст: 42 года
Место рождения: Шеффилд, Йоркшир, Великобритания

It Don't Matter


Now in your big flash motor and your wild reputation
You're ready to hit the streets
Winking at the boys, yeah heading for the noise
Got the world at your feet
If leaving me for dead with a pistol at my head
Is your idea of how I'd feel
Well let me tell you honey 'fore you spend all of your money
I got my hands firmly on the wheel

It don't matter
It don't matter
It don't matter to me
It don't matter
It don't matter
It don't matter to me

Back street lover in the cold of the evening
Takes you to a place he knows
Says, it will be fine better make up your mind
You've cut it deep and now it shows
It's way past midnight and your traveling through the city
You're wondering what you should do
Well baby can't you see that you've had enough of me
And I've certainly had enough of you

It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter

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