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Фотография  Cornerstone (photo  Cornerstone)

Forever Young

хард-роковая группа

I know that face from another place and time
Looks so familiar, so ageless and divine
This cannot be he has not aged a day
I caught his eyes and I had to look away
Forever young, what secrets do you keep?

This cant be real I knew him from before
This Vagabond, this Charlatan, this Whore
To see him now, a freak from my dark past
Was that a smile of knowing as he passed?
Forever young, what secrets do you keep?
Forever young, what secrets do you keep?

Together forever, well be Forever Young

Timeless, ageless, what secrets have you locked away?
Try to breathe, try to hide, are you dying on the inside?

Oh oh Forever Young

Tomorrows gone and forgotten
But I can still hear your song
Forever young, forever young, forever
Oh oh Forever Young

Timeless! Ageless! what secrets have you locked away?
Graceless! Godless! Scream at the night

Oh oh Forever Young

The curse of time does not fall down upon his head
Forever young, screaming please let it end
Forever young

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