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Иззи Стрэдлин


Izzy Stradlin

Фотография Иззи Стрэдлин (photo Izzy Stradlin)

День рождения: 08.04.1962 года
Возраст: 56 лет
Место рождения: Жильбер Лафайет, Индиана, США

Quotes of Izzy Stradlin

Американский музыкант и автор песен.

  • ⋅There's nothing like throwing up out a bus door,
    going sixty-five miles an hour. /Izzy Stradlin
  • ⋅The blues are real important. It's where most of the hard rock n' roll came from. /Izzy Stradlin
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  • ⋅I hate to take showers! Guitarists don't like showers 'cause we like the grease to build up on our fingers, makes playing more fluid. /Izzy Stradlin
  • ⋅We'd started out as a garage band and it became like a huge band, which was fine. But everything was so magnified, drug addictions, personalities, it just became too much. /Izzy Stradlin
  • ⋅Music gave me something to do in my life. /Izzy Stradlin
  • ⋅Some of the best stuff can be written out of dire times /Izzy Stradlin
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