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Стив Хэккетт


Stive Hackett

Фотография Стив Хэккетт (photo Stive Hackett)

День рождения: 12.02.1950 года
Возраст: 68 лет
Место рождения: Лондон, Великобритания

Quotes of Stive Hackett

Один из самых признанных гитаристов ХХ века

  • ⋅I think that a song, when it works, never mind a piece of long form music, even a song is something that speaks to itself but has a language all of its own, ideally. /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅I think that the process of making music is a hard one to describe as well. /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅It's funny, when people talk about the 70s I can tell you the year of every album but when it comes to the later efforts I can't remember the exact years, it's funny isn't it? /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅Love's stronger than fear and death. /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅Obviously classical music tends to be stuff that is usually at least a hundred years old. /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅Religion deals in certainties and philosophy deals more in un-answered questions. /Stive Hackett
  • ⋅These days I can really get the strings to snap if I want. /Stive Hackett

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