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Чак Берри


Chuck Berry

Фотография Чак Берри (photo Chuck Berry)

День рождения: 18.10.1926 года
Возраст: 90 лет
Место рождения: Сент-Луис, Миссури, США
Дата смерти: 18.03.2017 года
Место смерти: Уэнтзвилл, Миссури, США

Jaguar And Thunderbird

Американский певец, гитарист, автор песен.

Chorus: Slow down, little Jaguar

Keep cool, little Thunderbird Ford

Ten miles stretch on an Indiana road

T'was a sky blue Jaguar and a Thunderbird Ford

Jaguar setting on ninety nine

Tryin' to beat the Bird to the county line

Just a half-a-mile from Ludenville

There had a speed sign sitting at the top of the hill

It said : "35 miles, and stay in line"

But the Jaguar and Thunderbird never read the sign


Ludenville was a real small town

Had a hundred and two

And nine acres of ground

Some stool pigeon put the sheriff wise

Told him "Park down in Ludenville

And catch 'em guys"

Sheriff laid down, half hid in the weeds

Parked for eight days, didn't nobody speed

All of a sudden, dust rose on the road

Said "Here come the Jaguar and Thunderbird Ford"


Sheriff doubled clutched second, put it in third

Took right after the Jaguar and Thunderbird

He knew he'd get a bonus and a big fat fine

If he caught 'em 'fore they crossed that line

Sheriff never drove his car a hundred and flat

But if he aimed to get 'em

He'd have to do more than that

Crest of the hill, is about a mile behind

There wasn't but two mor miles to the county line


Old Sheiff was countin' on the downward grade

With the tall wind pushin', he had it made

Thunderbird saw the Jaguar gainin' speed

And waved "Goodbye, Jaguar" and pulled in the lead

Jaguar said "You ain't won the race yet"

And pulled back around the Bird like a sabre jet

Sheriff's front bumper was a yard behind

When the T-Bird, Jaguar crossed the line

Slow down little Jaguar,

Keep cool little Thunderbird Ford

(repeat and fade)

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