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Аарон Спринкл


Aaron Sprinkle

Фотография Аарон Спринкл (photo Aaron Sprinkle)

See It In Me (Acoustic)

фолк-рок музыкант

You let me
Inside your brain
Again and again

Well I've noticed
Along the way
That it's beautiful
And I'd love to stay

Won't you come down
And sleep on the ground
And I'll be your friend
And I'll take your hand

All my fault
I said something wrong
And I hurt you
I went overboard

So forget it
Please forget it
'Cause I do care
I just lost my head

I used to play on the green
Then I saw what I had never seen

See it in me
The branch of a tree
Under this wing
Secrecy sings

What can I
Say to make you smile
It's been an hour
It's been a while

So believe me
Please belive me
'Cause you know your
The girl of my dreams

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