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Аарон Спринкл


Aaron Sprinkle

Фотография Аарон Спринкл (photo Aaron Sprinkle)

Running In My Head

фолк-рок музыкант

If I had a dime for every question
I could buy myself a bank to keep the answers in
When the house you rent was getting painted
I thought this out and wrote it down and mailed it

When I think of it, it makes me crazy
And if I hear from you
You know it will amaze me
I'm gonna take a train across the river
And when I see your face I've got a message to deliver

Without a thought you carry on
And I'll be the last thing on your mind before too long
You said you'd always love me as a friend
But you left the water on instead
You left it running in my head

I've been taking this from you for much too long
When my train gets in I'll call you on the telephone
But before I go can you just tell me
Did the coffee tea and paperbacks mean anything?

I went to the train to get my ticket
And I laid myself out on the tracks derailed it

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