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Рэнди Брюс Трэвис


Randu Bruce Travis

Фотография Рэнди Брюс Трэвис (photo Randu Bruce Travis)

День рождения: 04.05.1959 года
Возраст: 59 лет
Место рождения: Маршвилл, Северная Каролина, США

Future Mister Me

Американский кантри-певец

by John Lindley/R. Travis

I didn't come in here to fight,

I didn't come to ruin your night,

I came to see the Future Mister Me.

I didn't come to mess things up,

I only want to wish you luck,

And shake the hand of the Future Mister Me.

I only want a chance to see the man who'll be the man to please my baby,

The who'll lay beside you and hold you just the way I used to do.

I want to know you're happy, and I want to know he treats you like a lady,

And if I can see you're in good hands, maybe I can make it without you.

You look so happy by his side,

And I'm sure you'll make a lovely bride,

And he loves you, any fool can plainly see.

The pain is just too much for me,

So I'll just leave and let you be,

All alone, with the Future Mister Me.

You'll be alone here, with the Future Mister Me

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