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Рэнди Брюс Трэвис


Randu Bruce Travis

Фотография Рэнди Брюс Трэвис (photo Randu Bruce Travis)

День рождения: 04.05.1959 года
Возраст: 59 лет
Место рождения: Маршвилл, Северная Каролина, США

He Walked On Water

Американский кантри-певец


He wore starched white shirts buttoned at the neck

He'd sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck

His teeth were gone but what the heck

I thought that he walked on water

Said he was a cowboy when he was young

Could handle a rope and he was good with a gun

And my momma's daddy was his oldest son

And I thought that he walked on water

If the story is told only heaven knows

But his hat seemed to me like an old halo

And though his wings they were never seen

I thought that he walked on water

He tied a cord to the end of a map

Said, "Son, here's a pony, keep her at a trot"

I'd ride in circles while he laughed a lot

Then I'd flop down beside him

He was ninety years old in '63

I loved him and he loved me

Lord I cried the day he died

Cause I thought that he walked on water


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