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Фред Иглсмит


Fred Eaglesmith

Фотография Фред Иглсмит (photo Fred Eaglesmith)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Онтарио, Канада

Quotes of Fred Eaglesmith

Канадский певец и автор песен

  • ⋅I think the bottom of the barrel is where the answers are. /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅There really are two different schools of songwriting-American and Canadian. It's interesting. You guys have this history of guys like Paul Williams and Jimmy Webb, and they're different than Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. All those weird voices come out of Canada. That's because it's so cold here we can hardly open our mouth. We get much less light in Canada. No wonder the writing's dark. /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅I wrote 'Millie's Cafe' driving out of Ft. Worth, Texas one time. I was in a dust storm in my old bus. Beer inside. It was like a sailboat, you know...we couldn't see anything. Some things about Texas are so different than Ontario. I was just thinking about how different it is from where I live and, you know, whatever happens to inspire a song happened. /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅You need to work at the craft of songwriting, but not only the craft. When I see people working both on themselves and the craft, and they combine those things...I just go, That's just fabulous. /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅Audrey Auld is a great singer songwriter. She holds a unique place in contemporary Americana/Roots music. I believe that this uniqueness is largely due to the fact that she is Australian. This affords her a totally different attitude as an artist than traditional American contributors to this genre. Audrey is one of the most honest original artists I know. /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅When they come out to my shows they like me but trying to get them to come out to my shows they're like "I don't want to go and see that old guy" But when they do they totally get it... /Fred Eaglesmith
  • ⋅The music that I play is much more accepted in America. Do you know what I mean? Americans recognize and not necessarily country music. I go to a lot of places in Canada and they go "I don't like country music" and they think I'm a country musician. When I am a country musician but not a country musician like they think of. /Fred Eaglesmith
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