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Шарлотта Черч


Charlotte Church

Фотография Шарлотта Черч (photo Charlotte Church)

День рождения: 21.02.1986 года
Возраст: 32 года
Место рождения: Лландафф, Кардифф, Уэльс, Великобритания

Voi Che Sapete Tell Me What Love Is

классическая певица, сопрано

Tell me what love is, what can it be

What is this yearning burning me?

Can I survive it, will I endure?

This is my sickness, is there a cure?

First his obsession seizing my brain,

Starting in passion, ending in pain.

I start to shiver, then I'm on fire,

Then I'm aquiver with seething desire.

Who knows the secret, who holds the key?

I long for something - what can it be?

My brain is reeling, I wonder why;

And then the feeling I'm going to die.

By day it haunts me, haunts me by night.

This tender torment, tinged with delight!

Tell me wht love is, what can it be?

What is this yearning, burning in me?

What is this yearning, burning in me?

What is this yearning, burning in me

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