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Лиза Лопес


Lisa Lopes

Фотография Лиза Лопес (photo Lisa Lopes)

День рождения: 27.05.1971 года
Возраст: 30 лет
Место рождения: Филадельфия, Пенсильвания, США
Дата смерти: 25.04.2002 года
Место смерти: Ла-Сейба, Венесуэла

True Confessions

Певица блюз, участница коллектива TLC

See it was one of them days (yeah)
like wakin up in stormy weather in your mind thinkin
oohh htis could be so much better (i'm tellin ya'll)
i'll never forget her
black leather down for whatever
my nigga's sweatin me
so we sittin in this club
where the ladies rub-a-dub
they solicitin there love
me and my man about as tight as you can get
so he admitted that he wanted to hit it
i said now wait a minute i can contest
to bein bout as open-minded as it gets
when it comes to sex
cuz i believe in time and space what a waste
if you can't really have your time and space
so what was the use?
but to swallow my pride to love and let loose of this feelin inside
said f you want it that bad then you should have it
and then he smiled and said i want you to grab it

True confessions of a broken heart
i learned my lesson now i'm torn apart
everybody's got a story
about how they lost their one and only
true confessions of a broken heart
i learned my lesson now i'm torn apart
everybody's got a story
about how they lost their one and only

I'm on a hunt to get my nigga what he wants
from back to front of the club
she's tryin to pull a stunt
even though they got the lights down low
i can see the whole dance floor
she must have slipped out the back door
rather than goin back empty handed
i know this ain't the way he planned it
i do as if commanded
hmm let's see who the next be the finest
who the next be the best for sex
and messin with his highness
so i took another look and guess who's back
i'm off the hook
it's the lady in the black
excuse me miss see that man sittin at the table
he wants to know
if you're ready, willin, and able
so she followed me and obviously
my man is gonna want a little privacy but i was wrong
he turned it up another notch
asked if she went tongue to crotch
and said he wants to watch


So now i'm thinkin what have i done and gotten into?
maybe this will be strong and monumental
as i look in her eyes what is she gonna say?
never thought i'd be in dismay when i woke up today
she said her thing ain't girls we in three different worlds
so he mentioned instead that he wanted some head
she obliged no menage then fled
we were straight for bout a month
until pure lusts were the topics we discussed
though i didn't mind he wants it all the time
moer women and all i've been in
spreadin venom and still wanna be mine
so i told him one day can't do it anymore
he reacts so relaxed
said he's done with them for sure
then i caught him one weekend
cheatin and creepin duct's leakin don't speak
i'll be leavin


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