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Лиза Лопес


Lisa Lopes

Фотография Лиза Лопес (photo Lisa Lopes)

День рождения: 27.05.1971 года
Возраст: 30 лет
Место рождения: Филадельфия, Пенсильвания, США
Дата смерти: 25.04.2002 года
Место смерти: Ла-Сейба, Венесуэла

Losing you

Певица блюз, участница коллектива TLC

Sometimes I can't seem to find the words
to eplain exactly how I feel
'cause it's deep
real deep
and I just hope that you can see
how deep it is by listening to this song

Now let me open up my heart
and let you read just what I wrote
when you had took those final steps
of death and left my heart broken in two
but you had to damn
I wish that I can have a talk with the
eternal man
I wish that you was with me right now
holdin' my hand
I feel I can't go on and don't nobody understand
it makes me wonder why
and if I have to die
why is this my biggest fear
I can only look above and just let heaven
wipe my tears

'Carus if I'm losing you
and if I'm losing you
to whom will I confide
and who will hear my cry
and if I'm losing you
then will you see me through
through the day
through the night
though you're gone
will you stay by my side

I just wanna talk to the Lord my father
thanks for blessing me
when the others didn't bother
life goes on
gotta stay strong
I'da done some wrong
but I'da done some right too
cried some lonely nights too
and in my heart nobody knows the pain
a chance to hide it
holding back my tears
a chance to fight it
but it's building up inside of me
this heavy load
help me Lord before I explode
please take my soul


See I don't know if I could
say goodbye to yesterday
'cause when you leave and go to heaven
it's so far away
and I can't even stop to think
to wipe my tears away
but maybe he thought it was best for
you to come and stay
what can I say
just keep your peoples close to you
so you can cherish every memory
that stood through and stood true
so if you meet that crossroad then you can say
that you opened up your heart
and just let heaven wipe your tears away


And if I close my eyes at night
will I see you in heaven
and if the Lord takes my life
I hope I see you in heaven
just wipe your tears away
before today
and when he comes
be prepared for a brighter day
take me away (x2)

(Choir) I'm losing you
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh yeah
And if there's a way for you to stay
stay in my life oooh forever
I'm losing you

And I just hope that you saw how deep it was
by listening to this song

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