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Би Би Кинг


B.B. King

Фотография Би Би Кинг (photo B.B. King)

День рождения: 16.09.1925 года
Возраст: 89 лет
Место рождения: Итта Бена, Миссисипи, США
Дата смерти: 14.05.2015 года
Место смерти: Лас-Вегас, Невада, США

There Is Always One More Time

Главный блюзмен планеты

If your whole life somehow

Wasn't much 'til now

And you've almost lost

Your will to live

No matter what you've been through

Long as there's breath in you

There is always one more time

And if your dreams go bad

Every one that you've had

That don't mean that some dreams

Can't come true

'cause it's funny about dreams

As strange as it seems

There is always one more time

Oh turnin' corners

Is only a state of mind

Keeping your eyes closed

Is worse than being blind

If there's a heart out there

Looking for someone to share

I don't care if it's been

Turned down time and time again

And if we meet one day

Please don't walk away

'cause there is always one more time

There is always one more time

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