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Би Би Кинг


B.B. King

Фотография Би Би Кинг (photo B.B. King)

День рождения: 16.09.1925 года
Возраст: 89 лет
Место рождения: Итта Бена, Миссисипи, США
Дата смерти: 14.05.2015 года
Место смерти: Лас-Вегас, Невада, США

That Evil Child

Главный блюзмен планеты

Whenever i try to hold my baby,

She just stand there for a while

No matter how i try to please that woman,

She won't even crack a smile

Lord, maybe you in heaven can help me,

'cause this is one evil child

Oh, i say maybe, maybe somebody can help me,

Because this is one evil child

When i buy her flowers or candy she just looks at me and growls,

She say, "you must be guilty or have a guilty conscience buddy",

Because i'm convicted without a trial

She just grunts when i call baby, hmm one evil child

I said, "lord, maybe you can help me, because she's a strange and evil child"

Still, i'm tryin' to please my woman but she 'bout to drive me wild

I buy her hundred dollar dresses, people,

Still she complains about the style

Won't somebody give me a suggestion?

Help me with this evil child

Oh, maybe the lord in heaven above can help me

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