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Виктор Пелевин


Victor Pelevin

Фотография Виктор Пелевин (photo Victor Pelevin)

День рождения: 22.11.1962 года
Возраст: 56 лет
Место рождения: Москва, Россия

Quotes of Victor Pelevin

Российский писатель

  • ⋅Once in Russia really lived carefree youthful generation that smiled fly, sea and sun - and chose the "Pepsi". /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅There's a scientific hypothesis that every person's name is a primary suggestive command that contains the entire script of their life in highly concentrated form. . . . According to this point of view, there is only a limited number of names, because society only needs a limited number of human types. Just a few models of worker and warrior ants, if I could put it like that. And everybody's psyche is preprogrammed at a basic level by the associative semantic fields that their first name and surname activate. /Victor Pelevin
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅In order for him to believe sincerely in eternity, others had to share in this belief, because a belief that no one else shares is called schizophrenia. /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅How can non-existence get sick of itself? Everytime you wake up, you appear again out of nowhere. And so does everything else. Death just means the replacement of the usual morning waking with something else, something quite impossible even to think about. We don't even have the instrument to do it, because our mind & our world are the same thing. /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅Reading is human contact, and the range of our human contacts is what makes us what we are. Just imagine you live the life of a long-distance truck driver. The books that you read are like the travelers you take into your cab. If you give lifts to people who are cultured and profound, you'll learn a lot from them. If you pick up fools, you'll turn into a fool yourself. /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅I am closest of all to happiness—although I won’t attempt to define just what it is—when I turn away from the window and am aware, with the edge of my consciousness, that a moment ago I was not here, there was simply the world outside the window, and something beautiful and incomprehensible, something which there is absolutely no need to вЂ?comprehend,’ existed for a few seconds instead of the usual swarm of thoughts, of which one, like a locomotive, pulls all the others after it, absorbs them all and calls its /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅IsoldA: The only way to be alone is to behave as though we are alone already. /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅There are no philosophical problems, there is only a suite of interconnected linguistic cul de sacs created by language's inability to reflect the truth. /Victor Pelevin
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  • ⋅The author's opinions do not necessarily coincide with his point of view. /Victor Pelevin
  • ⋅Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that names are the only things that exist in the world. Maybe that's true, but the problem is that as time passes by, names do not remain the same - even if they don't change. /Victor Pelevin
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