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Гилберт Честертон


Gilbert Chesterton

Фотография Гилберт Честертон (photo Gilbert Chesterton)

День рождения: 29.05.1874 года
Возраст: 62 года
Место рождения: Лондон, Великобритания
Дата смерти: 14.06.1936 года
Место смерти: Биконсфилд графство Бакингемшир, Великобритания

Quotes of Gilbert Chesterton

Английский христианский мыслитель и писатель конца XIX — начала XX веков.

  • ⋅The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Buddhism is not a creed, it is a doubt. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The mere brute pleasure of reading --the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The doctrine of human equality reposes on this: that there is no man really clever who has not found that he is stupid. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅True contentment is a thing as active as agriculture. It is the power of getting out of any situation all that there is in it. It is arduous and it is rare. /Gilbert Chesterton
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  • ⋅Chastity does not mean abstention from sexual wrong; it means something flaming, like Joan of Arc. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅A yawn is a silent shout. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The perplexity of life arises from there being too many interesting things in it for us to be interested properly in any of them. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅With any recovery from morbidity there must go a certain healthy humiliation. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Boyhood is a most complex and incomprehensible thing. Even when one has been through it, one does not understand what it was. A man can never quite understand a boy, even when he has been the boy. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Compromise used to mean that half a loaf was better than no bread. Among modern statesmen it really seems to mean that half a loaf ;is better than a whole loaf. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Being contented ought to mean in English, as it does in French, being pleased. Being content with an attic ought not to mean being unable to move from it and resigned to living in it; it ought to mean appreciating all there is in such a position. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Education is the period during which you are being instructed by somebody you do not know, about something you do not want to know. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅It is as healthy to enjoy sentiment as to enjoy jam. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Happiness is a mystery, like religion, and should never be rationalized. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The golden age only comes to men when they have forgotten gold. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The timidity of the child or the savage is entirely reasonable; they are alarmed at this world, because this world is a very alarming place. They dislike being alone because it is verily and indeed an awful idea to be alone. Barbarians fear the unknown for the same reason that Agnostics worship it --because it is a fact. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Evil comes at leisure like the disease. Good comes in a hurry like the doctor. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅The full value of this life can only be got by fighting; the violent take it by storm. And if we have accepted everything we have missed something -- war. This life of ours is a very enjoyable fight, but a very miserable truce. /Gilbert Chesterton
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  • ⋅One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Their is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Fable is more historical than fact, because fact tells us about one man and fable tells us about a million men. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Marriage is an adventure, like going to war. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. /Gilbert Chesterton
  • ⋅Journalism consists largely in saying Lord James is dead to people who never knew Lord James was alive. /Gilbert Chesterton

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