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Дино Буццати


Dino Buzzati

Фотография Дино Буццати (photo Dino Buzzati)

День рождения: 16.10.1906 года
Возраст: 66 лет
Место рождения: Сан-Пеллегрино, Италия
Год смерти: 1972
Место смерти: Милан, Албания

Quotes of Dino Buzzati

Итальянский писатель и драматург, автор романов и рассказов, художник и журналист

  • ⋅The inoffensive phantom army spreads over the northern plain and in the Fort everything falls back once more into the rhythm of the accustomed days. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅Fantasy should be as close as possible to journalism. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅The sweet sound of the streams came unexpectedly from the nearest mountains; here and there on the sides of the peaks one could see white vertical stripes sparkling in the sun. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅Meanwhile the hours passed, the sun continued its journey towards the west, the sentries relieved each other punctually, the steppe gleamed, more solitary than ever. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅And suddenly through a rift in the tempest the lights of the Fort appeared, immeasurably distant. They seemed to be infinite in number like an enchanted castle over which there lay all the gaiety of ancient carnivals. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅On either flank harsh chains of mountains. They were immensely beautiful, some of them, with sheer unending ramparts and their crests white with the first autumn snows. /Dino Buzzati
  • ⋅Fantasy should be as close as possible to journalism. /Dino Buzzati
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