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Шарлотта Мэри Янг


Charlotte Mary Yonge

Фотография Шарлотта Мэри Янг (photo Charlotte Mary Yonge)

День рождения: 11.08.1823 года
Возраст: 77 лет
Дата смерти: 24.05.1901 года

Quotes of Charlotte Mary Yonge

Английская писательница.

  • ⋅Elder sisters never can do younger ones justice! /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅James's expedition to Scotland is wholly imaginary, though there appears to have been space for it during Henry's progress to the North to pay his devotions at Beverley Minster. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅A woman without a degree of decency and delicacy is unsexed. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅Refinement is just as much a Christian grace in a man as in a woman; but he is not such a hateful, unsexed creature without it as a woman is. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅Refinement is the delicate aroma of Christianity. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅That the women of the Old Testament were dressed with oriental richness there is no doubt, nor are they censured for so arraying themselves. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅If the man be really the weaker vessel, and the rule is necessarily in the wife's hands, how is it then to be? To tell the truth, I believe that the really loving, good wife never finds it out. She keeps the glamor of love and loyalty between herself and her husband, and so infuses herself into him that the weakness never becomes apparent either to her or to him or to most lookers-on. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅The mistake we make is when we seek to be loved instead of loving. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅General rules are dangerous of application in particular instances. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅The unmarried woman seldom escapes a widowhood of the spirit. There is sure to be some one, parent, brother, sister, friend, more comfortable to her than the day, with whom her life is so entwined that the wrench of parting leaves a torn void never entirely healed or filled ... /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅If I write nothing but fiction for some time I begin to get stupid, and to feel rather as if it had been a long meal of sweets; then history is a rest, for research or narration brings a different part of the mind into play. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅I thought one only had to speak Latin through one's nose and bite off the end. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • ⋅When the venture has been made of dealing with historical events and characters, it always seems fair towards the reader to avow what liberties have been taken, and how much of the sketch is founded on history. /Charlotte Mary Yonge
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