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Дональд Бартелми


Donald Barthelme

Фотография Дональд Бартелми (photo Donald Barthelme)

День рождения: 07.04.1931 года
Возраст: 58 лет
Место рождения: Филадельфия, США
Дата смерти: 23.07.1989 года
Место смерти: Хьюстон, Техас, США

Quotes of Donald Barthelme

Американский писатель.

  • ⋅The privileged classes can afford psychoanalysis and whiskey. Whereas all we get is sermons and sour wine. This is manifestly unfair. I protest, silently. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Is it permitted to differ with Kierkegaard? Not only permitted but necessary. If you love him. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Naked girls with the heads of Marx and Malraux prone and helpless in the glare of the headlights, tried to give them a little joie de vivre but maybe it didn't take, their constant bickering and smallness, it's like a stroke of lightning, the world reminds you of its power, tracheotomies right and left, I am spinning, my pretty child, don't scratch, pick up your feet, the long nights, spent most of my time listening, this is a test of the system, this is only a test. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The center will not hold if it has been spot-welded by an operator whose deepest concern is not with the weld but with his lottery ticket. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Will you be wanting to contest the divorce?" I asked Mrs. Davis. "I should think not," she said calmly, "although I suppose on of us should, for the fun of the thing. An uncontested divorce always seems to me contrary to the spirit of divorce. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅People always like to hear that they're under stress, makes them feel better. You can imagine what they'd feel if they were told they weren't under stress. /Donald Barthelme
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I smell fennel," Launcelot said. "That reminds me, I should tell you I have discovered a specific for maims. You take salt, good-quality river mud, and bee urine, and slather it on the maim and hold it there for two days. Works like a charm. Gathering the bee urine is a bit of a bore. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅How does one conquer fear, Don B.?" "One takes a frog and sews it to one's shoe," he said. "The left or the right?" Don B. gave me a pitying look. "Well, you'd look mighty funny going down the street with only one frog sewed to your shoes, wouldn't you?" he said. "One frog on each shoe. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Who among us is not thinking about divorce, except for a few tiny-minded stick-in-the-muds who don't count? /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅HENRY: Now it is necessary to court her, and win her, and put on this clean dressing gown, and cut my various nails, and drink something that will kill the millions of germs in my mouth, and say something flattering, and be witty and bonny, and hale and kinky, all just to ease this wrinkle in the groin. It seems a high price. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Instant gratification is not as good as that gratification which comes dripping slow, over the sere seasons. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅As Jules Renard said, no matter how much care an author takes to write as few books as possible, there will be people who haven't heard of some of them. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅I keep wondering if, say, there is intelligent life on other planets, the scientists argue that something like two percent of the other planets have the conditions, the physical conditions, to support life in the way it happened here, did Christ visit each and every planet, go through the same routine, the Agony in the Garden, the Crucifixion, and so on... /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅There was no particular point at which I stopped being promising. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅--Why are we fighting them? --They're mad. We're sane. --How do we know? --That we're sane? --Yes. --Am I sane? --To all appearances. --And you, do you consider yourself sane? --I do. --Well, there you have it. --But don't they also consider themselves sane? --I think they know. Deep down. That they're not sane. --How must that make them feel? --Terrible, I should think. They must fight ever more fiercely, in order to deny what they know to be true. That they are not sane. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Food ... is the topmost taper on the golden candelabrum of existence. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Write about what you're afraid of. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The death of God left the angels in a strange position. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Goals incapable of attainment have driven many a man to despair, but despair is easier to get to than that -- one need merely look out of the window, for example. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Now, here is the point about the self: it is insatiable. It is always, always hankering. It is what you might call rapacious to a fault. The great flaming mouth to the thing is never in this world going to be stuff full. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The writer is one who, emnbarking upon a task, does not know what to do. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The writer is one who, embarking upon a task, does not know what to do... Writing is a process of dealing with not-knowing, a forcing of what and how. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The aim of literature ... is the creation of a strange object covered with fur which breaks your heart. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅There is no moment that exceeds in beauty that moment when one looks at a woman and finds that she is looking at you in the same way that you are looking at her. The moment in which she bestows that look that says, "Proceed with your evil plan, sumbitch. /Donald Barthelme
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  • ⋅Anathematization of the world is not an adequate response to the world. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅I don’t think you can talk about progress in art—movement, but not progress. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The best way to live is by not knowing what will happen to you at the end of the day... /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅The important thing is the educational experience itself — how to survive it. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅I think writers like old cities and are made very nervous by new cities. /Donald Barthelme
  • ⋅Is death that which gives meaning to life? And I said, no, life is that which gives meaning to life. /Donald Barthelme
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