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Жоржи Амаду


Jorge Amado

Фотография Жоржи Амаду (photo Jorge Amado)

День рождения: 10.08.1912 года
Возраст: 89 лет
Место рождения: Итабуна, Баия, Бразилия
Дата смерти: 06.08.2001 года
Место смерти: Салвадор, Баия, Боливия

Quotes of Jorge Amado

Бразильский писатель

  • ⋅Night was running ahead of itself. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅He owned a whole world full of memories, of lovely moments relived and happy recollections. I'm not saying he was happy or that he didn't suffer. He suffered very much, but he did not despair; he still drew nourishment from what he had been given. But the sadness never left him. Happiness needs more than memories of the past to feed on; it also needs dreams of the future. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅I am like my characters - sometimes even the female ones. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅...it is a very risky thing for anyone to go about proclaiming the truth simply because he finds himself in possession of concrete documentary proofs or on the evidence of his own eyes, which is always overestimated. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅Night was running ahead of itself. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅The world is like that -- incomprehensible and full of surprises . /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅I am a writer who has written about the life of my people, the character of my people. What I can say is that the greatest hero of the Brazilian novel is the Brazilian people. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅Many things I might not write today because I no longer believe them, but I wouldn't change them, since I believed them at the time. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅Love--the most wonderful and most terrible thing in the world. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅Life was good, one had only to live it. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅Love is not to be proven or measured...It exists, and that is enough. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅That’s the very reason why love is eternal,’ concluded JoГЈo FulgГЄncio, вЂ?because it is forever renewed. Passions die, love remains. /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅I have already told you Father, more than once: I’m not going to subject myself to a husband chosen for me, I’m not going to bury myself in some planter’s kitchen, and I’m not going to be a servant to some doctor or lawyer in IlhГ©us. I want to live my own life. When I finish school at the end of the year, I want to go to work in an office /Jorge Amado
  • ⋅I believe that she has the kind of magic that causes revolutions and promotes great discoveries. There’s nothing I enjoy more than to observe Gabriela in the midst of a group of people. Do you know what she reminds me of? A fragrant rose in a bouquet of artificial flowers. /Jorge Amado
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Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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