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Джордж Мартин


George Martin

Фотография Джордж Мартин (photo George Martin)

День рождения: 20.09.1948 года
Возраст: 69 лет
Место рождения: Бейонн, Нью-Джерси, США

Quotes of George Martin

Американский писатель

  • ⋅And the young people in the 1960's identified with it immediately, because, I guess the young people had been having years of repression really. They felt that the, you know, after the war everything was very austere, particularly in Europe. /George Martin
  • ⋅Because when the film was first mooted, the Beatles didn't like the idea at all. In fact they wouldn't have any part in it. And when Brian had committed them, it was part of a deal he did with United Artists, I think. /George Martin
  • ⋅He was definitely a father figure for all of us. Once you were a Giant, you were always a Giant. /George Martin
  • ⋅I think that one of the nice things about the Yellow Submarine movie is that it seems to be perennial. People enjoy watching from each generation. And it was like the Beatles themselves. You know the Beatles seem to find new audience each time another generation comes along. /George Martin
  • ⋅We're lucky, real lucky. Our friends lost their house. We just had some burning embers put holes in the screens. /George Martin
  • ⋅Well, again working strictly to the film, where you had this lovely, lovely land of brightness and color. And everybody is smiling and happy and butterflies flitting around and it was that kind of image that, it was like a dream world, really. /George Martin
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅Well, I think, I certainly used backward music in Sea of Monsters. I can't remember in the Sea of Time. I would tend to do that all the time, you know? I tended to do all sorts of weird things. Just to get effects. /George Martin
  • ⋅What I was trying to convey there was the kind of waste land that was left after the war. It was a bit like one always thinks of war, you know, stark scenery and no birds, no trees, no leaves, nothing living. And just emptiness. /George Martin
  • ⋅When you extend life span, that's really something. That's hard to do. /George Martin
  • ⋅Light our fire and protect us from the dark, blah blah, light our way and keep us toasty warm, the night is dark and full of terrors, save us from the scary things, and blah blah blah some more. /George Martin
  • ⋅One voice may speak you false, but in many there is always truth to be found. /George Martin
  • ⋅I can be humbler than anyone. /George Martin
  • ⋅It was a cruel fate, Yet not so cruel as Mago's will be. I promise you that, by the old gods and the new, by the lamb god and the horse god and every god that lives. I swear by the Mother of Mountains and the Womb of the World. Before I am done with them, Mago and Ko Jhaqo will plead for the mercy they showed Eroeh. /George Martin
  • ⋅He was no dragon, Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill a dragon /George Martin
  • ⋅You don't just have people who wake up in the morning and say, "What evil things can I do today, because I'm Mr. Evil?" People do things for what they think are justified reasons. Everybody is the hero of their own story, and you have to keep that in mind. If you read a lot of history, as I do, even the worst and most monstrous people thought they were the good guys. We're all very tangled knots. /George Martin
  • ⋅Words are like arrows, Arianne. Once loosed, you cannot call them back. - Areo Hotah /George Martin
  • ⋅My mother raised me to be bold. If I do not go, I will spend the rest of my life wondering what might have happened if I had." "If you do go, the rest of your life may be too short for wondering. - Asha & Rodrick /George Martin
  • ⋅If you would wed, wed. If not, take your pleasure where you find it. There's little enough of it in this world." - Oberyn /George Martin
  • ⋅They will not love me, you say? When have they ever loved me? How can I lose something I have never owned? - Stannis /George Martin
  • ⋅There are ghosts everywhere," Ser Jorah said softly. "We carry them with us wherever we go. /George Martin
  • ⋅You promised him vengeance as well.' 'I promised him justice.' 'Call it what you will. It still comes down to blood." - Tywin & Tyrion /George Martin
  • ⋅Not everyone who spoke you friendly was really your friend." - Arya /George Martin
  • ⋅Is it treason to say the truth? A bitter truth, but no less true for that. /George Martin
  • ⋅We look up at the same stars and see such different things." - Jon Snow /George Martin
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  • ⋅If we leave our smells behind us when we leave a room, surely something of our souls must remain when we leave this life?" - Qyburn /George Martin
  • ⋅We will fight a battle, and then we will rest. Alive or dead, we'll rest." - Jon Snow /George Martin
  • ⋅Sooner would be better than later, and now would be better than sooner." - Tyrion /George Martin
  • ⋅Why ask for truth," Ser Barristan said softly, "if you close your ears to it? /George Martin
  • ⋅We're children. We're supposed to be childish. /George Martin
  • ⋅I don't want to be a queen. I want to be the queen. /George Martin
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