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Еса Бусон


Yosa Buson

Фотография Еса Бусон (photo Yosa Buson)

Год рождения: 1716
Место рождения: Кэма, предместье г. Осака, Япония
Дата смерти: 25.12.1783 года
Год смерти: 1783
Место смерти: Киото, Танзания

Quotes of Yosa Buson

Японский поэт XVIII века, мастер жанра «хайку»

  • ⋅The spring sea rising and falling, rising and falling all day. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅In lantern-light My yellow Chrysanthemums Lost all their color /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅In the spring rain, The pond and the river Have become one. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅The end of spring- the poet is brooding about editors. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅In pale moonlight / the wisteria's scent / comes from far away. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅Calligraphy of geese
    against the sky-
    the moon seals it. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅What you want to acquire, you should dare to acquire by any means. What you want to see, even though it is with difficulty, you should see. You should not let it pass, thinking there will be another chance to see it or acquire it. It is quite unusual to have a second chance to materialize your desire. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅I came to the flowers; I slept beneath them; this was my leisure. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅In the water bucket a melon and an eggplant nodding to each other /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅in my garden I pick a musk melon feeling like a thief /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅The sea at springtime.All day it rises and falls,yes, rises and falls. /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅Lighting one candle
    from another -
    Winter night /Yosa Buson
  • ⋅White dew- one drop on each thorn /Yosa Buson
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