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Виктория Бекхэм


Victoria Beckham

Фотография Виктория Бекхэм (photo Victoria Beckham)

День рождения: 17.04.1975 года
Возраст: 43 года
Место рождения: Хертфордшир, Великобритания

Quotes of Victoria Beckham


  • ⋅I want a big house with a moat and dragons and a fort to keep people out! /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking! /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅If I set my mind to something I do it. My biggest wish for all of us is that we are happy, successful, and that we stay true to ourselves. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I dress sexily - but not in an obvious way. Sexy in a virginal way. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅You have to remember that when you are a performer you become a celebrity, but you are not saving lives. It's not that important. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I don't know much about football. I know what a goal is, which is surely the main thing about football. /Victoria Beckham
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  • ⋅I am not going to be no senorita' - on the prospect of moving to Spain. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I'm not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅Is my dress too short? /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I'd love to duet with someone in the hip-hop world such as Dr Dre. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅My family is my first priority but I don't think that means I should have to give up work. I am lucky that David is very supportive /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅We've passed throught very hard times, but when we taste our issues and when we hear our fans screaming for us, it's amazing. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅On hearing that Tamzin Outhwaite wouldn't mind a night with husband David: 'Firstly, Tamzin who, secondly, I think it's disrespectful, and thirdly, as if, love /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I'm still me even after all that's happened. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅These people are amazing. It's so emotional I was thinking about wearing waterproof mascara. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅There are so many people out there taking the p*ss out of me that if I can't take the p*ss out of myself there's something going wrong. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I haven't read a book in my life /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I love the word 'luna'. I know it's a girl's name - so maybe for the next baby. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅She's an interesting one, she's worked really well for us ? she sort of crosses the line. I think people are still fascinated by what's going on in her life. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅We've still got the melodies, we've still got the nice 'strong girl' lyrics going on. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I'll just go into the studio - as I always have with Brooklyn - with one under each arm.' (But maybe not now she has been dropped from her record label...) /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I don't have a nanny or a housekeeper, and I only have a cleaner for one hour each week. I finish work and go home. I cook the dinner. I run into Tesco and do the housework in the evening. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅They liked the name Jesus for a boy. It's popular in Spain. However, they only considered it briefly. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I keep fit by running after my three boys all day. /Victoria Beckham
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  • ⋅The tusk is a very tactile shape, looks great among the other charms and is a cool piece that I like. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅[No doubt the glamorous affair was inspired by the pair's summer holiday together on the fashion maestro's yacht in the Med.] I'm really excited to be here and I love my dress, ... It's been a bit of a mad rush to get ready. But I'm here and that's the main thing. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I am a control freak. I am very hands on and pay attention to details. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I can relax in L.A. I think I'm the only person in that town who doesn't want to act. I was an OK singer. I was an OK dancer. But acting? Never could do it. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I wake up every morning and I feel like I'm juggling glass balls. I live in Los Angeles, my business is run out of London, and most evenings I'm cuddled up in front of Skype, in my dressing gown, speaking with my studio in London. I travel a lot, my team travel a lot, but I wouldn't have it any other way. /Victoria Beckham
  • ⋅I'm a very driven, ambitious, positive person. But I'm a spiritual person as well. I believe in creative visualization. So for me to go to America - which I find such a positive place - well, I took to it like a duck to water. /Victoria Beckham
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