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Раф Симонс


Raf Simons

Фотография Раф Симонс (photo Raf Simons)

Quotes of Raf Simons


  • ⋅Sometimes it’s more a matter of collaboration which matters in a collection. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I’m very attracted to things that I can’t define. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅The future, for me, is romantic, I don’t understand people who say the past is romantic. Romantic, for me, is something you don’t know yet, something you can dream about, something unknown and mystical. That I find fascinating. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I dont want to show clothes, I want to show my attitude, my past, present and future. I use memories and future visions and try to place them in todays world. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅My aim is a very modern Dior, but at the end of the day, I also look back, /Raf Simons
  • ⋅But overall I want to make sure people fall in love with the clothes and that they are satisfied /Raf Simons
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  • ⋅I'm very scared sometimes that fashion might attack its own magic by the amount of exposure, /Raf Simons
  • ⋅In fashion, general people will look to the piece itself. [Some designers] concentrate on, 'How can I make this seam look special?' or 'What am I going to do with that button so it looks interesting?' I am not interested in that. At the moment, I am more interested in the shape and the form. I have a big desire to make clothes without defining them. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I have so much respect for John [Galliano]s technical skill and the fantasy, its just something that I dont find relevant now, especially when it restricts a woman, because in every other area they have so much freedom. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I don't see Dior as something that could become mine. I see it as a dialogue with the women who wear it. I want to stay connected to them rather than to an abstract brand. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅We are very excited to re-launch the collaboration with Fred Perry. We have great appreciation for the heritage of the brand as well as their dynamism in guiding the brand towards the future. Their openness to create synergies between both our brands will bring interesting, creative results. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅The fashion world doesn't know the word stop, so you have to make sure there are sublime moments every day. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I wanted an idea of the future, a new femininity. I wanted you to feel that you wouldn't quite know where these women were coming from and where they were going to. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I find it fascinating to see the fact that women want to buy things that they see on men. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I'm not an isolated person. The more I connect to people, the more I have the feeling that things work. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅If I see a fashion show with literal influences, it doesn't make me think any more. It doesn't make me dream. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I'm not so rock and roll. I'm more techno. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅Fashion is such an octopus. You're connected to so many people: suppliers, pattern makers, production teams, marketing teams, vendors. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I'm shy, but not on a one-to-one basis. Over the years, I have become acclimatised to a bit of publicity. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅Fashion has a long interest in collaborative situations. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅My dad only ever talked about two things: bicycles and Mercedes. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅Collage – SS13 offers a very controlled and pure do-it-yourself attitude. The collection shows a juxtaposition of very different materials, prints and colours, therefore giving the wearer a possibility to combine the garments in different ways. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅My ideas for the next collection always happen a couple of months before the show. I have learned to shut up and not bother my assistants with it. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I'm usually very attracted to things that I can't define. If something's too clear, it's very often not inspiring to me anymore. /Raf Simons
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  • ⋅I like very much to put on fashion shows. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅My mother was a cleaning lady all her life. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I'm a designer, and for me, things are always evolving, and such evolution is necessary. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅I know this independence is what people like most about my brand. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅For me, Warhol made so much sense. /Raf Simons
  • ⋅In my opinion, Christian Dior was never, ever theatre. /Raf Simons
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