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Дэвид Копперфильд


David Copperfield

Фотография Дэвид Копперфильд (photo David Copperfield)

День рождения: 16.09.1956 года
Возраст: 62 года
Место рождения: Метучен, Нью-Джерси, США

Quotes of David Copperfield


  • ⋅I'm just waiting for people to start asking me to make the rain disappear. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅Magic came very easy for me when I was a kid. When I was 8 years old I started doing it, and by the time I was 12, I was already published in magic books. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅No self-respecting gay guy would have ever made some of the hair and clothing choices I am still trying to live down. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅The real secret of magic lies in the performance. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I could make the whole of Manhattan disappear into that [Jennifer Lopez's] amazing butt. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅He encouraged me to make every illusion about my personal dreams and my personal nightmares. So I took that idea and made it about everyone else's dreams . . . It's very moving and very emotional. /David Copperfield
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅It's a program that uses magic as a form of therapy for people with disabilities, where magic is taught to patients in hospitals to help them regain their dexterity and their coordination by learning sleight of hand, in addition to boosting the patient's self-esteem by giving them a skill that an able-bodied person doesn't even have. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅The reaction was good until I wanted to make it a career. And they said, 'Well, maybe you shouldn't do that. They didn't know I could really make a living at this business. They were a little afraid. Because it was uncharted territory, really. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅How Does He Do That? ... Pan The Camera 45 Degrees. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅Bull shit! There is a great deal of new territory to conquer. In my next show I'm going to make a girl pregnant on stage. Naturally it will be without sex. Everyone will be happy about it, but I'm not telling you any more. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I like dealing with parents whose children have been arrested for the first time, ... It's one of the few times that one can make a difference, so I try to make the experience so terrifying that they never want to come back. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅This whole show is about people's dreams, making them come true. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅Nobody dreams of vanishing the Statue of Liberty unless they're me, but . . . /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I'll do a whole piece about having your perfect dream car, making cars appear and motorcycles appear ? /David Copperfield
  • ⋅people dream about that. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅People dream about traveling, so I'll vanish somebody in the audience and make them appear on the beach in Hawaii during the show, with proof, with signatures, with Polaroid pictures, so they know it's happening in real time. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I have always been interested in pushing magic forward. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I'm really trying hard not to do anything that has been done before. So knowing everything I can about the legacy of magic challenges my team and I to invent new illusions. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅For me to grow, I have to know about the foundation that came before. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅For my father, being kind was natural... I have to really work at it. I love competing and winning, conquest - not words you usually associate with kindness. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅Demonic figures and occult themes have disappeared from modern magic. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I need a form of escape even when I'm working really hard. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I act like I'm 14, if you haven't figured that out yet. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅If I was gay, why would I hide it? /David Copperfield
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  • ⋅It's okay for me to be gay, but God didn't make me that way. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅When you're a guy and meet a girl the first time, you do whatever it takes. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅Magic is my paint. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I really did sneak into Broadway shows, starting when I was 12. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I was an only child. We were so poor, my parents and I had the same room. /David Copperfield
  • ⋅I find revealing the secrets of magic quite reprehensible. /David Copperfield
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