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Роман Полански


Roman Polanski

Фотография Роман Полански (photo Roman Polanski)

День рождения: 18.08.1933 года
Возраст: 84 года
Место рождения: Париж, Франция

Quotes of Roman Polanski

Продюсер, кинорежиссер

  • ⋅Every failure made me more confident. Because I wanted even more to achieve as revenge. To show that I could. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅If you have a great passion it seems that the logical thing is to see the fruit of it, and the fruit are children. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅A lot has changed for me. My life has improved, … It’s not only children, but the relationship with my wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅As far as those events are concerned, I would not even start to justify myself…. What I did was wrong and I don’t see why I should go back to this for the purposes of this trial…. I made one mistake, and I am still suffering for that. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅Human life is just a given series, an endless series of such moments /Roman Polanski
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I can only say that whatever my life and work have been, I’m not envious of anyone-and this is my biggest satisfaction. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I did not have a reputation to defend. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I don’t really know what is shocking. When you tell the story of a man who is beheaded, you have to show how they cut off his head. If you don’t, it’s like telling a dirty joke and leaving out the punch line. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I had to go through it, … I never had a doubt that I would win. Because the truth always wins, sooner or later. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I knew how people treat a child whose parents are dead /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I know that atmosphere of the Parisian apartment building, with the twin menaces of the concierge on the ground floor and the landlord upstairs. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I never made a film which fully satisfied me. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I still had some honor, … I still have some now. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I think that something is happening definitely in Korea that is worth watching /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I want people to go to the movies. I am the man of the spectacle. I’m playing. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅I would never think of doing a movie for children if I did not have any, … A lot of things in the film I know about. I relate to all the sufferings much more now that I have kids. I see it from the outside now. And before, I didn’t. Children have this capacity for resistance, and they accept things as they are, maybe because they have no other reference. They are somehow more flexible; they adapt much faster than adults. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅In consideration of the horrible things that has happened to the poor man I can almost understand…..or if the (girl) now woman felt justice needed to be served…Having grown up during Nazi Germany, having his wife, child and friends horrendously murdered could negatively effect probably anyone…. I feel sure he does not enjoy knowing he is a fugitive, but with the unpleasant things that have happened to him for seemingly no reason ..I doubt he feels he would get a fair trial…or simply hasn’t the man suffered enough? Robert /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it’s on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅is against any kind of principle of show business. If you install some buttons that one can press when decisions should be made at any point of a story, there would be no story. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅It’s just … I don’t want to talk about it /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅My films are the expression of momentary desires. I follow my instincts, but in a disciplined way. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅Normal love isn’t interesting. I assure you that it’s incredibly boring. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅Nothing is too shocking for me /Roman Polanski
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  • ⋅People like Truffaut, Lelouch and Godard are like little kids playing at being revolutionaries. I’ve passed through this stage. I lived in a country where these things happened seriously. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅Take a look at this railing /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅The worst is separation from the parents /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅the worst thing ever written about me. It is obvious that it’s not true. I don’t think you could find a man who could behave in such a way. But I think it was particularly hurtful as it dishonors my memory of Sharon. /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅There’s no other place in the world where … we could build a 19th-century London and shoot in it for months /Roman Polanski
  • ⋅They see me working … but the result of my work escaped them /Roman Polanski
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