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Питер Гринуэй


Peter Greenaway

Фотография Питер Гринуэй (photo Peter Greenaway)

День рождения: 05.04.1942 года
Возраст: 76 лет
Место рождения: Ньюпорт, Уэльс, Великобритания

Quotes of Peter Greenaway

Английский режиссер

  • ⋅I think that films or indeed any art work should be made in a way that they are infinitely viewable; so that you could go back to it time and time again, not necessarily immediately but over a space of time, and see new things in it, or new ways of looking at it. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅We all live to a formula. Maybe the secret lies in keeping that formula secret. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I like a lot of glasses about -- it highers the tone. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅This is where I begin to do the writing. I am now going to be the pen and not the paper. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I am certain that there are two things in life which are dependable -- the delights of the flesh and the delights of literature. I have had the good fortune to bring them together and enjoy them together in full quantity. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Investigation is never complete. /Peter Greenaway
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  • ⋅Words reproduce themselves pleasurably too. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Whispering can be a rest from a noisy world of words. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅All the material is fictional and develops its own eight and a half private, coelesced journeys, where, perhaps not unexpectedly, the females can run faster than the men and trade their freedoms by exhausting the male sexual fantasies and replacing them by some of their own. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I have always had severe problems with Austrians. ... Musical, churchy, uptight... nice legs... hypocritical... authoritarian... always insist their dustbins are very clean. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅What initially attracted me to The Seventh Seal was that it had values and characteristics which I was familiar with in other art forms, most notably, the European novel and certain forms on English drama, and indeed, in relation to my rather academic interest in history -- not "history" in the normal sense, but history as a form of entertainment . It might be a very unfashionable view but I believe that history is an amazing bank or reserve area of plots, characterisations, extraordinary events, etc. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅It's so miserable and so easy to keep slamming Titanic -- I'll shut up. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅It's precisely on the Internet that the majority of the writing is terribly bad and uninteresting. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅A French critic referred to me as a gay pessimist, with gay used in its older sense, and talked of Cocteau in the same breath. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅If Good approved of his creature's creation, He breathed the painted clay-model into life by signing His name. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅In practically every film you experience, you can see the director following the text. Illustrating the words first, making the pictures after, and, alas, so often not making pictures at all, but holding up the camera to do its mimetic worst. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I loved Latin -- the grammar, the difficult tenses, the history -- but for some reason I was very bad at it, shamefully and blushingly bad at it. ... In moments of stress the embarrassment of how bad I was at Latin -- a subject I loved -- really hit me. It was like being laughed at by someone you desperately loved. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Imagine a world where nothing is stable. In the West, we have three moving elements -- Air, Fire, Water -- but at least we can depend on the fourth. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I would be curious about one of those Jane Austen women -- you know -- long-suffering, dutiful -- but all right in the end -- a plump 19th century type, five foot four, ringlets, brown eyes, long fingers. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅One of my heroes, almost necessarily from what I'm saying, of course, is Borges, who is a supreme master of doing thing -- being a data bank -- and the beauty of this economy is that he could have written War and Peace in three or four pages; who knows, it might have been a better book. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I made a very bad mistake; I miscounted these scraps of information on the record as 92, and in continual homage to this man who had been so influential to me, I began creating or constructing my own films on this so-called "magic" number of 92 ... but when I eventually made a film about John Cage and met him, I explained this to him, and he found it very amusing because there are only 90 stories on the two sides of the record, and I'd based three years of my filmic career on this mathematical error! /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅It seems to me that dominant cinema seems to require an empathy or a sympathy between the film and the audience which is basically to do with the manipulation of the emotions and it seems to me again -- and this is a very subjective position -- that most cinema seems to trivialise the emotions, sentimentalising or romanticising them. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅I was continually connected with the whole world and never got any rest. At the moment, I spend only a few hours weekly on the net, that's just better for me. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Only cinema narrows its concern down to its content, that is to its story. It should, instead, concern itself with its form, its structure. /Peter Greenaway
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  • ⋅That comes from most people having an American film model in their heads which is nothing but a total illusionary masturbatory massage. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Cinema is far too rich and capable a medium to be merely left to the storytellers. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅You should be allowed to rub out and start again, it means that you are human. The purists are tedious, they tell you a mistake is like an enduring black mark. Nonsense -- better to be human than some infernal machine never going wrong. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Blind eyes cannot read. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅A hand cannot write on itself. /Peter Greenaway
  • ⋅Itch to read, scratch to understand. /Peter Greenaway
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