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Жан-Клод Ван Дамм


Jean Claude Van Damme

Фотография Жан-Клод Ван Дамм (photo Jean Claude Van Damme)

День рождения: 18.10.1960 года
Возраст: 57 лет
Место рождения: Брюссель, Бельгия

Quotes of Jean Claude Van Damme


  • ⋅God gave me a great body and it's my duty to take care of my physical temple. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅I've become 40, my audience is partly the same age. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅In an action film you act in the action. If it's a dramatic film you act in the drama. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅What is a movie star? It is an illusion. It was everything I ever wanted to be, but it became a kind of shell, non? It was what made me famous and got me women. But it wasn't real. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅What really helps a guy to become an action hero today is the directing of the movie. All those fast cuts. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅It looks good when you see someone kicking at the age of 51 with no double. It's kinda cool for people to know that past 50 we can keep flexible. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅I like structure - like driving: go past the school on the street, stay on the right side, no hitting the car, go in right, you'll see a big church, stop and take a left, and you'll have it. By doing this I'm giving a structure of life, a path of light, and showing what happens between me and me, which is something very beautiful. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅When I was 24, I was full of life. I was that ham who wanted to be famous, a movie star, all that stuff. I think it's cool. But it was not what I was searching for, really. It was more a delusion. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅But on average, I go to the gym about four or five times a week. Today, I'm so experienced in training - I'm actually listening to my body now. My body needs freedom. When I train I create serenity and I produce oxygen in my blood. It helps me to think better and relax. By training, you accentuate the problem. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅The action films I will make in the future will be more believable and character-based. I am now on my second cycle of fame, and I want to make films that smell real and are truthful. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅You know, I looked at my face in the mirror this morning, and I like being old. My face has more content and when I train in the gym now, I am not training to be strong or handsome - just better than I was yesterday. These days the race is just against myself. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅My body looks like 30 but my face looks like 50. But I cannot walk bare-chested in the streets. I like to do these movies to challenge myself physically. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅Life is short. I'm 47 years old. I've got 10 years to go where I can be the best I can be. I want those 10 years to be precious, not like before, cranking two or three movies a year. I've made a ton of movies in my life, but so what? /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅It's time for me to do things I like so I will be happy, my wife will be happy, my friends will be happy. I just want to do something I'm proud of. It's time for me to change. I could sign with a company for 10 movies and I'm the king of video and so what? /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅I don't have a bad relationship. I'm 48 years old. I think life is too short for that. To me, life is... you open the shutters, you see the dogs outside, you look left, you look right, in, what, a second and a half? And that's a life. /Jean Claude Van Damme
  • ⋅Because no matter what you say in life, the truth will always be the truth. You know when someone is telling the truth, you look in the eyes. I have a tendency to believe people. /Jean Claude Van Damme
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