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Терри Крюс


Terry Crews

Фотография Терри Крюс (photo Terry Crews)

День рождения: 30.07.1968 года
Возраст: 49 лет
Место рождения: Флинт, Мичиган, США

Quotes of Terry Crews

Американский актер

  • ⋅I always stay in the urban comedy genre because it just never gets old. It's one of those things that people watch, again and again. This is that kind of movie. It gives you longevity. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Trying to be cool is the easiest path to mediocrity /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Our strategic evolution has established Monsanto as the leading innovator in agricultural seeds and technology, .. The financial discipline we have exercised has also allowed us to establish a solid foundation which is poised for growth in the years ahead. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Hollywood is a bit of a publicity game where it's constantly trying to portray things and put up this image and I was not interested in that. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Art was always my thing. I had an art scholarship before I had a football scholarship. I'm a left-handed, right-brained, painting-drawing guy. That was always my skill. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅When I was in the NFL, whenever I got cut from a team I would do paintings of the players, they would pay me $4,000 to $5,000 to do their painting of their family, and that's how I survived until another team picked me up. /Terry Crews
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅As a parent you walk around trying to be perfect, but you don't have to be perfect. That's the key. You just have to be faithful, and when I say faithful I mean you have to give your all. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I would never do a role where I'm naked in bed with a chick having sex. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I'm African-American by my culture, not by my color. Race does not exist. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅The big thing with all parents is they just want to be left alone. I want no demands. That's the best gift for Father's Day, just leave them alone. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Never stop! Slow down sometimes, but never stop! /Terry Crews
  • ⋅School is cool. Thats why it rhymes /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I feel like we need to make new superheroes, African-American superheroes, that people would accept. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Embrace failure. Never never quit. Get very comfortable with that uneasy feeling of going against the grain and trying something new. It will constantly take you places you never thought you could go. This has been my mantra for years. I always remember I won't do things right on the first try. So failure is mandatory for success! /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Never stop being YOU. I am out to be the best ME I can be. Do what you LOVE and you will be badass. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅But think about how evil that is for one man to think that he's actually more valuable than a woman, because as a human being your worth is immeasurable. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I was a sports nut. I stayed after school probably three hours every day - from fall, to winter, to spring. I went from football to basketball to track and it started all over again. I loved all of it. I just loved being an athlete and all that it entailed. It really accounts for who I am. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I would always be painting and drawing. If I was stuck at home, I was in the basement working on a painting. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅The thing that you think is imperfect about you, is the thing that makes you who you are. It separates you from everybody else. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅You can't be perfect, so enjoy your imperfections. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅Never let anyone define you. You are the only person who defines you. No one can speak for you. Only you speak for you. You are your only voice. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I relax while I work. It's really weird but my job doesn't feel like work at all. That's why I try to do as much as possible. When I'm on the set, learning lines and playing around, I'm relaxed. It's so amazing. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I want to be a man who mixes strengths and compassion. That's my magic elixir, so to speak. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅It's great to be strong but strength is nothing without having compassion. /Terry Crews
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  • ⋅You get better at working by working. And if you don't work, you're not getting better. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅It ain't easy being cheesy! /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I constantly get out of my comfort zone. Looking cool is the easiest way to mediocrity. The coolest guy in my high school ended up working in a carwash. Once you push yourself into something new. And whole new world of opportunities opens up. But you might get hurt in fact you will get hurt. But amazingly when you heal -- You are somewhere you've never been /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I'm actually a perpetual 13-year-old. I've never advanced beyond 13. Every day, tomorrow is my 14th birthday. That's my kind of humor. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅I call myself the Amusement Park. That's because I'm funny and scary at the same time. /Terry Crews
  • ⋅The only thing intimidating about Cube is that he's the father of gangsta' rap. You just worry about getting your lines right, or he might shoot you. /Terry Crews
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Omalone1 16.07.2019 07:48:16
Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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