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София Вергара


Sofia Vergara

Фотография София Вергара (photo Sofia Vergara)

День рождения: 10.07.1972 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Баранквилла, Атлантико, Колумбия

Quotes of Sofia Vergara

Колумбийская модель и актриса

  • ⋅If you're asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I've looked since I was 13 years old. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I'm obsessed with food! /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅It has to be a very specific role for me because of my accent. I can't complain I've been working since I got to LA. But it is hard. I have no training as an actress so I try whatever I do like school, because I'm learning. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I guess at the end of the day, all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅When I travel abroad, because I'm Columbian, I'm always one that they check twice and security and I'm the one that they open my bag and the one they pull to the side to check the visa. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I like comedy. I would love to do comedy for a long time. /Sofia Vergara
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I hate to work out. I get in a bad mood when I have to do it! /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I like TV, I feel comfortable there and I'm willing to take every opportunity that's offered to me. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I still haven't played a leading role in cinema or in TV, and that's something that I long for. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I understand English; I read and write English perfectly, but the accent won't go away. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I'm obsessed with food! /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅Oh yes, things get me mad. But the thing is, I get mad, and then I turn around and I forget. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅The mother is the one who is going to help you in the long run! You must make her your friend. It matters what she thinks. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅You know, I was the class clown in Catholic school, but I never thought I would make a living out of it! /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I do think it was fantastic to have a kid young. My friends now are all panicking if they haven't found somebody to have kids with. It was never like that for me because I already had the kid! /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I've never gone out with a guy who is older than me by more than a couple years. Usually it's my age, a little bit older, or even a little bit younger. But not a 15- or 20-year difference. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅Confidence is sexy! I'm comfortable with my body and not afraid to show it off /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅When I get ready for an event, I always look at myself in the mirror and say, 'I look like a transvestite,' I love it. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I guess at the end of the day, all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅Sometimes it can be bad to have too much family. Everybody gets involved in your problems, giving their opinion, gossiping, and making drama. But when bad things happen, they will be there to support you. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I'm fearless, I don't complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I think that would be ungrateful if I were upset because I'm seen as attractive or sexy. That's opened so many doors for me in my life. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅If a Latina falls in love with someone who is insecure, it can be a nightmare. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅When they tell you that you have cancer, you panic. /Sofia Vergara
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  • ⋅I can turn around and scream and get angry, but I turn around and I forget about it. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I didn't want to be an actress. I wanted to be a dentist, but you never know what life will bring you. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅I love jewelry - rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅When you have a kid, you have to be more mature. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked. /Sofia Vergara
  • ⋅In Latin America, women are supposed to be voluptuous. They don't believe that you have to be skinny to be attractive. /Sofia Vergara
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Omalone1 16.07.2019 07:48:16
Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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