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Фотография Грета Скаччи (photo Greta Scacchi)


Грета Скаччи


Greta Scacchi

День рождения: 18.02.1960 года
Возраст: 58 лет
Место рождения: Милан, Италия

Quotes of Greta Scacchi


  • ⋅A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅Between them, the films of Julie Christie and Alan Bates taught me everything I needed to know about sex at the age of 13. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅Having had a reputation for being sexy is a great prop to lean on now. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅Hollywood will accept actresses playing ten years older, but actors can play ten years younger. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I always knew it was going to be difficult when I got beyong 40, but I didn't realise it would start at 35. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I avoided nudity unless a film couldn't be told without those scenes. If you look at my films, few of them have that element, yet nudity and male fantasies have become emblematic of my work. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I came to Ireland 20 years ago as a student, hitch-hiking round for a week and staying in Dublin. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I feel lucky, happy and philosophical about it all. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I felt the thrill of a journey in a play where the writer gives you the power to take the audience with you, to have it eating out of your hand. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I felt very cynical about love. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I had the conviction that lovemaking fools you. The overpowering emotions it induces make you think you're sharing the same feelings as the other person and that they're imagining the same as you. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I had to turn down things that were sometimes at the expense of my career in order to find variety, in an effort not to be pigeon-holed. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I have done everything I can to make sure my daughter knows her father because you form your own identity by rebelling against your parents - but first you have to know them. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I have invested some money and I have a home, but people don't realise that you might only be working for a few weeks of the year and remain unemployed the rest of the time. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I look for people who're passionate, dedicated to the text, and in whom I trust completely. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I suppose I am lucky that, without having to try, my reputation gives me confidence. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I want to come across as a positive person. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I'm a heathen when it comes to marriage. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I'm more keen on the person I'm involved with showing me his commitment rather than going through a marriage to display commitment to the world. /Greta Scacchi
  • ⋅I've been through some very difficult stages in my life, but I wouldn't change anything. /Greta Scacchi

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