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Питер Джейкобсон


Peter Jacobson

Фотография Питер Джейкобсон (photo Peter Jacobson)

День рождения: 24.03.1965 года
Возраст: 53 года
Место рождения: Чикаго, Иллинойс, США

Quotes of Peter Jacobson

Американский актер кино и телевидения.

  • ⋅It was fun shooting with Josh [Holloway], not just how great he is, but just how handsome he is. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I always enjoy being the obvious homunculus of the pair. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I've never done real sci-fi. I've never played an alien. I've never played some sort of superhero. Which I'd love to do! /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I'm frankly shocked that Hollywood hasn't called me to do a superhero. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅My first film role was a reporter. It's funny, because my father was a news reporter. I always thought there was something strange about that. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I always loved doing productions in school. In college, I started getting a little more serious. /Peter Jacobson
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  • ⋅I really had spent my whole life playing soccer, and the fact that I was willing to give that up for theater, that told me I was moving in that direction. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Some friends of mine in the class ahead of me in college were auditioning for graduate school in New York, and then a few of them got into Juilliard, and it sort of opened my eyes. I didn't really know anything about it, but it opened my eyes to a possible next step after school, where I could just deepen my knowledge and also not be responsible for life and stay in school. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I wound up auditioning, wound up getting in, and I was off to the races: I was putting in four more years after school to train to be an actor. I was 26 years old, and I still had a locker, for Christ's sake! /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅It can be easy and comfortable on the set and you don't go anywhere, or it can be a stress machine and all of a sudden it's a hit. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I had one really memorable line. It was all the words you're not allowed to say on the airwaves, so it's one long list of swear words. I knew it anyway, because I was a huge George Carlin fan. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I think if I learned anything in graduate school, it was to not drool around other actors who would normally make you drool. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I guess actors don't like to direct each other. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Path To War was the last thing that John Frankenheimer directed, I think, before he died. I'm a huge U.S. history buff, and I studied the Vietnam era in college, so when I read the script, I was, like, "I really want to be in this thing so badly..." /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Every actor wants to do more, because you always think you can improve it. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Anything government or politics is always exciting for me. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I know I'm going to sound like an idiot, because I actually think that everybody's the nicest guy ever, but I'm telling you: George Clooney, Roland Emmerich, Sidney Lumet - these are literally the nicest people. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Maybe I'm just lucky I'm not working with any assholes... yet. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I can play a Jewish guy, another Jewish guy, and then another Jewish guy, and then maybe a Cuban guy. Or at least a Middle Eastern guy. But for me, they're all Jews. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅If it's a good role, I'm happy to play it. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Woody Allen, that was a dream come true, although I never really talked to him. Auditioning was fun, because you don't really hear much about the script. They just said, "They want a Woody Allen type," so of course I got the call. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I'm a huge, huge sports fan. A massive sports fan. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Sports and politics are basically all I really care about or talk about. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I'm always an agent or a lawyer or a doctor or a banker. I'm always wearing a tie. /Peter Jacobson
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  • ⋅I was a greasy short-order cook. I just liked being greasy! That was a real departure for me. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Bradley Cooper was an asshole, but he was - like Sidney Lumet, like George Clooney - the nicest guy in the world. I sound like the biggest ass-kisser ever. But I'm telling the truth, I swear to God! /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Being able to play a role where you're there almost every day and you're just in it... I remember it was a whirlwind, but it was a lot of fun. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅I sat next to Robert Duvall at the lawyers' table for six weeks, and it's still probably the best six weeks of my life. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅Everybody else, they're wonderful, but [Robert] Duvall sets the tone for all of cinema acting. So just to be in his space was amazing. /Peter Jacobson
  • ⋅We walked out of this library building downtown, just on our way to lunch, and I was walking a few steps behind Travolta, and when he opened the door, it was as if Jesus had just walked out into the commons. /Peter Jacobson
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