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Бетти Мидлер


Bette Midler

Фотография Бетти Мидлер (photo Bette Midler)

День рождения: 01.12.1945 года
Возраст: 72 года
Место рождения: Гонолулу, Гаваи, Австралия

Up! Up! Up!


My grandpa died from asbestos.

My daddy's name was Estes.

And I don't know if that messed us up,

or what it did.

My brother was-a workin' as an boiler.

He was glad he wasn't workin' as an oiler.

One day my sister went and lit up a match

and up is where they went.

They went up! up! up!

like a guy on a rocket.

Up! up! up!

Keep your luck, don't hock it.

Up! up! up!

Put your finger in a socket.

Don't you know that's up, Jack?

Aaah, now that leaves me with my cousins.

You know I got 'em by the dozens.

Well, they brought home a bomb and they didn't act calm,

'cause up is where they went.

Ah, but now everything is satisfactory.

I'm on the swing shift at the big factory.

Oooh, I keep cuttin', I just keep struttin'

'cause up is where I'm goin'.

I'm goin' up! up! up!

Push the elevator button.

Up! up! up!

Like superman's cousin.

Up! up! up!

Ooh, fella, now I'm buzzin'.

Don't you know that's up, Chuck?

All right, Chuck.

While gossiping over the back fence,

my aunt was talking in her accents.

The fickle finger of fate paced a well placed goose,

and up is where she went.

While visiting a funeral parlor,

Uncle Louie, he let out a holler.

A stiff went and winked at him

and guess where he went?

He went up! up!

Make the north pole my landin'.

Up! up!

Talk frivolous abandon.

Up! up!

Boom! From sitting to standing.

Don't you know that's up?

Goin' up and up and up

and up and up and up and up!

Doodlie-do-da do!

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