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Марисса Винокур


Marissa Winokur

Фотография Марисса Винокур (photo Marissa Winokur)

День рождения: 02.02.1973 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Нью-Йорк, США

Quotes of Marissa Winokur

американская актриса

  • ⋅I have no regrets. I had an amazing surrogate who carried my son for me. I am so grateful to her. I can even say I am grateful for having cancer. I was always meant to be a mom, but if I didnt have cancer, I never would have had Zev. I would have had a kid, but not Zev, and I want Zev - tantrums and all. /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅I am the youngest of four siblings, and were all so close. I dont know where I would be without my brothers and sister. I secretly believe that my parents love me the most! /Marissa Winokur
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  • ⋅I work out every day, and I eat 1,200 calories. Heres the truth - like Ive said to everybody, Every diet works if you follow the diet. /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅I lived in New York my whole life. Like every New Yorker, I have stories about spending summers on the Jersey shore, riding the roller coaster in Seaside that is now famous for that sickening photo of it being washed out to sea. /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅I grew up in Bedford, N.Y., and it was close enough to Jones Beach on Long Island that every summer my mother would pack the car for the day, and we would drive to the beach! /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅Because dancing is way more fun than the treadmill, I downloaded the video of Beyonces Single Ladies and started to learn her dance. Let me tell you, if I ever did that dance in a club, I would still be a single lady! But what a workout! /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅On Dec. 10, 2000, I learned I was free of cancer. /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅I'm sure that blondes have more fun, but I think that as a brunette I might work more. /Marissa Winokur
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  • ⋅What happens when it's 2 a.m. and you're alone in a hotel room with the devil's minibar? Minibar - one; Marissa - zero. /Marissa Winokur
  • ⋅I know many people have said it before, but there is nothing a cup of coffee and a new pair of shoes can't fix! /Marissa Winokur
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