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Анджелина Джоли


Angelina Jolie

Фотография Анджелина Джоли (photo Angelina Jolie)

День рождения: 04.06.1975 года
Возраст: 44 года
Место рождения: Лос-Анжелес, Калифорния, США

Quotes of Angelina Jolie


  • ⋅I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅Honestly, I like everything, boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅Yeah, but before anything, I think in 6 years somehow I've grown up to have a beautiful home, 2 beautiful stepchildren, a beautiful husband, my family is healthy and happy. I'm financially ok and I do what I love for a living. That's what I think, and I think god, how did I get so lucky. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from over mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅The truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can't have those things then I feel like a caged animal and I'd rather not be in a cage. I'd rather be dead. And it's real simple. And I think it's not that uncommon. /Angelina Jolie
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  • ⋅Sometimes I think my husband is so amazing that I don't know why he's with me. I don't know whether I'm good enough. But if I make him happy, then I'm everything I want to be. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅Love one person, take care of them until you die. You know, raise kids. Have a good life. Be a good friend. And try to be completely who you are. And figure out what you personally love. And like go after it with everything you've got no matter how much it takes. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅If you have enough people sitting around telling you you're wonderful, then you start believing you're fabulous, then someone tells you stink and you believe that too! /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I like to hide behind the characters I play. Despite the public perception, I am a very private person who has a hard time with the fame thing. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅If I didn't have my films as an outlet for all the different sides of me, I would probably be locked up. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I've told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't kill him because I love his children and they need a dad. But I would beat him up. I know where all of his sports injuries are. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I'd go from film to film and almost detach from one world and jump in another. I was living as these people and not having a self. I didn't know who I was. And things just get really dark. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I need someone physically stronger than me... I am always on top. It's really unfortunate. I am begging for the man that can put me on the bottom. Or the woman. Anybody that can take me down. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅And my dad, you're a great actor but you're a better father. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅Everyone got kind of crazy with me mentioning I was in love with a woman. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I always play women I would date. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I am odd-looking. I sometimes think I look like a funny Muppet. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I didn't really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry... but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I do have tatoos, and I do wear leather, but there are other sides of me, that my film express. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I don't believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I don't see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws. People have really odd opinions. They tell me I'm skinny, as if that's supposed to make me happy. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I don't think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that's what counts. /Angelina Jolie
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  • ⋅I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I'm walking down the street. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I like someone who is a little crazy but coming from a good place. I think scars are sexy because it means you made a mistake that led to a mess. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I love to put on lotion. Sometimes I'll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour. I try to find brands that don't taste bad in case anyone wants to taste me. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I never felt settled or calm. You can't really commit to life when you feel that. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I never like being touched, ever. People used to say I held my breath when they were hugging me. I still do. /Angelina Jolie
  • ⋅I seem to be getting a lot of things pushed my way that are strong women. It's like people see Hackers and they send me offers to play tough women with guns, the kind who wear no bra and a little tank top. I'd like to play strong women who are also very feminine. /Angelina Jolie
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Omalone1 16.07.2019 07:48:16
Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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