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Джон Абрахам


John Abraham

Фотография Джон Абрахам (photo John Abraham)

День рождения: 17.12.1972 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Мумбаи, Великобритания

Quotes of John Abraham

Индийский актер, бывшая модель

  • ⋅I've seen him use it well, and I think it's something I can definitely use, /John Abraham
  • ⋅I'm really looking forward to getting some of this rust off of me, getting back into game shape and playing the game, and honestly just being back for my teammates, /John Abraham
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅[MISSING MARKO: Backup OT Marko Cavka underwent surgery yesterday to insert a metal plate in his fractured left forearm, according to a source. It wasn't a fractured wrist, as first reported by the team. He will miss eight to 10 weeks. ... Abraham, in his latest comments about his franchise tag/contract dispute, reacted coolly toward the front office.] I came back strictly for my teammates, not for the people upstairs, ... I feel like I've proved myself, but that's not proof for them. I have to work with what they're d /John Abraham
  • ⋅The only pressure I feel is staying healthy. /John Abraham
  • ⋅I'm really hoping that everyone can stay healthy, ... because I feel that we have a team and a nucleus that really can get us to where we want to be. /John Abraham
  • ⋅It's not like I have to be the main guy. I'm just filling one of the pieces to the puzzle. /John Abraham
  • ⋅[DE John Abraham played 34 snaps Sunday, but said yesterday that he is not yet 100%.] I've got a little bit more to go, but I felt pretty good, ... I felt like my old self out there. /John Abraham
  • ⋅I'm 27. Everybody knows when you get around 30, 30-plus, you start to depreciate. I wanted to have that security of knowing I would be in the same place for the next three or four years or the next five or six years. /John Abraham
  • Лучшие дня

    Иоанн Аргиропул
    Иоанн Аргиропул
    Полина Виторган
    Полина Виторган
    Последний русский император
      Николай II
  • ⋅It was a business decision. We just felt this was the right time for me to come in. There's no love lost, there's no harm. I'm coming in with an open mind and ready to play, no grudges at all. /John Abraham
  • ⋅When I saw they had 28 yards rushing in the first half, I said, 'We're back,' /John Abraham
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