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Джефф Бриджес


Jeff Bridges

Фотография Джефф Бриджес (photo Jeff Bridges)

День рождения: 04.12.1949 года
Возраст: 68 лет
Место рождения: Лос Анджелес, Калифорния, США

Quotes of Jeff Bridges

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  • ⋅As far as Beau is concerned, we're on the same team, we root for each other. If my parts are slightly more attractive, or are perceived that way by others, he's very content. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I had a great '70s. I survived it, and that's always good news. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I had years of partying, and I was kind of surprised and happy I survived it all. Now, being a parent, I look back on it thinking, Oh God, the things you did! /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I love John Irving's stuff. It's that marriage of comedy and tragedy. It's really terrific. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I'm very manipulative towards directors. My theory is that everyone on the set is directing the film, we're all receiving art messages from the universe on how we should do the film. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I've had really great experiences working with first-time directors. They come at filmmaking with fresh ideas. I've been very lucky that way. /Jeff Bridges
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  • ⋅Most cynics are really crushed romantics: they've been hurt, they're sensitive, and their cynicism is a shell that's protecting this tiny, dear part in them that's still alive. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Movies are like magic tricks. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Nowadays, in the contract that actors sign, you have to agree that you're going to do a certain amount of publicity-the hard part they don't pay you for. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅The problem with the designated driver programme, it's not a desirable job. But if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At then end of the night drop them off at the wrong house. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Working with my dad was such a gas. We approached the work in a similar way. We only made two films together when I was an adult, Tucker, and Blown Away, but it was so much fun to play with your parent like that. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅A large part of acting is just pretending. You get to work with these other great make-believers, all making believe as hard as they can. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅As far as the lack of hits goes, I think perhaps it's because I've played a lot of different roles and have not created a persona that the public can latch on to. I have played everything from psychopathic killers to romantic leading men, and in picking such diverse roles I have avoided typecasting. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅For me, growing up, the downside of it was that as a kid you don't want to stand out. You don't want to have a famous father let alone get a job because of your famous father, you know? But I'm a product of nepotism. That's how I got my foot in the door, through my dad. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I don't think I ever went down that movie star path. I always enjoy taking a 90-degree turn from the last thing I did. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I'm not counting any chickens. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Making films is sort of like you're pulling off a magic trick. It's sort of like an illusion. It's not real but you want it to appear real, and all kinds of things go into that, from the clothes you're wearing to the make-up, to the light. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅My m.o. as far as choosing projects is I really try not to work. I try to not do the scripts that are offered me. I'm in this wonderful position to be able to do that. The reason I do that is because I know what it takes once I engage, what that means for me personally and for my wife. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅One of the things I want to do that's outside the realm of acting and the arts - although both have their place in this - is ending childhood hunger here in America. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Sticking with a marriage. That's true grit, man. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Sure, I get the blues. But what I try to do, is apply joy to the blues, you know? I don't know if it's a technique, or just being bent that way, being raised by the folks I was raised by. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅This idea of how everything is interconnected, and the impermanence of things. It sums up the human condition to me, and it helps me on my path. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅What are the aspects of yourself that line up with the character? You magnify those, and the ones that don't match up you kind of kick to the curb. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅What I learned most from my father wasn't anything he said; it was just the way he behaved. /Jeff Bridges
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  • ⋅He loved his work so much that, whenever he came on set, he brought that with him, and other people rose to it. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Working with my dad was such a gas. We approached the work in a similar way. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅We only made two films together when I was an adult, Tucker, and Blown Away, but it was so much fun to play with your parent like that. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅One of the tough things about being an actor, probably the hardest thing, is getting your foot in the door, and my father handled that for me at a very early age. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅Any role that big is going to be a challenge for any actor, but for an actor of a young age, it's going to be even tougher. /Jeff Bridges
  • ⋅I'm very much into the costuming of any character that I portray and it's one of the great things about making movies is it's a collaborative art form so you get all these artists who are looking specifically about for this instance your character's costume and what that might tell about your character. /Jeff Bridges
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