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Джейсон Стэтхэм


Jason Statham

Фотография Джейсон Стэтхэм (photo Jason Statham)

День рождения: 26.07.1967 года
Возраст: 51 год
Место рождения: Шайрбрук, Дербишир, Великобритания

Quotes of Jason Statham

Британский актер

  • ⋅A lot of action movies today seem to have scenes that just lead up to the action. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅And if people come up and say they like the movies you're in, it's a great compliment. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅And it was a great experience, you know, to travel the world and compete at a certain level. It teaches you discipline, focus, and certainly keeps you out of trouble. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅Guy Ritchie, he thinks going to drama school is the worst thing in the world. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I definitely want to do that but don't turn my back on anything in Europe, too, because you know I started there. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I do like California. It's a great place, but I'm never in one place long enough to say this is where I want to make home. /Jason Statham
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I do like the sports cars. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I endured many weeks of it, but I had a big background in martial arts and fighting as a kid, so kind of all the problems got brushed away and I was ready. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I had to learn to scuba dive. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I love to get behind the wheel and get competitive. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I pick up a lot of stuff from them, but I don't think there's any great trick to acting. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I suppose that's the European way, dangerous and hairy. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I think being a competitive diver for years helps you focus and dedicate yourself to what's needed. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I think it's very important to keep in touch with people that mean a lot to you. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I used to play a lot of racket sports, tennis and squash. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I'm certainly not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I'm enthusiastic and ambitious, and I work hard. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I'm impressed with the likes of Jet Li and Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee was a big hero of mine for many years. They're great influences. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I've always had that competitive nature, whether it's racing around the track in Mini Coopers or diving off a platform or doing a bit of grappling. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I've been unfortunate enough to be working, and recovering from a few injuries now and again. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I've come from nowhere, and I'm not shy to go back. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅I've never been one to run around in Speedos on the beach. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅If you got a good imagination, a lot of confidence and you kind of know what you are saying, then you might be able to do it. I know a lot of colorful characters at home that would make great actors. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅It just seems like the time that I do get off, it so important for me to go back and see my folks and my friends. /Jason Statham
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  • ⋅It wasn't actually in the Olympic Games, but I spent 12 years on the national squad. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅It's a Boston Whaler that I was driving. It's more of a fishing boat, so it's not got that much of a responsive action. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅It's something I never dreamed I'd be doing, making movies. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅It's street theater. You have to make it entertaining so people don't get bored and walk away. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅Jet was very busy. I've been inspired by a lot of his movies. /Jason Statham
  • ⋅Living in Hollywood? I think so, because it has more great filmmakers per square inch there than anywhere in the world. /Jason Statham
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