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Энтони Хопкинс


Anthony Hopkins

Фотография Энтони Хопкинс (photo Anthony Hopkins)

День рождения: 31.12.1937 года
Возраст: 80 лет
Место рождения: Порт-Талбот, Великобритания

Quotes of Anthony Hopkins


  • ⋅Why love if losing hurts so much? I have no answers anymore; only the life I have lived. The pain now is part of the happiness then. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I have a punishing workout regimen. Every day I do 3 minutes on a treadmill, then I lie down, drink a glass of vodka and smoke a cigarette. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅On his Hannibal Lector mask: I've got it at home. I wear it to bed every night. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Life isn't worth living if I miss an episode. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I was lousy in school. Real screwed up. A moron. I was antisocial and didn't bother with the other kids. A really bad student. I didn't have any brains. I didn't know what I was doing there. That's why I became an actor. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I am able to play monsters well. I understand monsters. I understand madmen. /Anthony Hopkins
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  • ⋅I love life because what more is there. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Blank face is fine.the computer works faster than the brain,don't forget.The art of acting is not to act.Once you show them more,what you show them,in fact is bad acting. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I've got no need to prove to myself that I can do Shakespeare. I've done it. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I have no interest in Shakespeare and all that British nonsense... I just wanted to get famous and all the rest is hogwash. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I'm one of the slowest drivers on the road. I mosey along. If you're doing anything too fast, including living life too fast, that creates sudden death. If I have to be somewhere on time, I make sure I leave early enough. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Just because I went buggers, doesn't mean you will. This stuff is not strictly hereditary, they know that now. Listen to me, you're going to be OK. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅[During one scene in the movie] Proof, ... Night of the Living Dead. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Well, it's mission impossible, Mr. Hunt -- not mission difficult. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Harry and the Butler /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅When I became an actor my dream was ... to come here to Hollywood. You know Hollywood is a state of mind ... it's synonymous with a dream factory. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅The World's Fastest Indian. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I still don't know what the film was about because all I remember is a whole lot of technical dialogue about a body in a suitcase. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Everyone today is so laid-back and cool and it's kinda boring, but Tom is the opposite of that /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅This industry has been really good to me. It's been a great life. I'm not through yet. I'm ready when you are, Mr. DeMille. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I've had the great fortune to work with many great directors [and] great actors, and I just want to thank them. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I said, 'I can't play Nixon. I'm not an American. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅The World's Fastest Indian? Oh, that's not for me. I've done enough with that role. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I don't look like him; I'm Welsh and have a rugby player's build. Burt was long and sinewy, but that was OK. He said [in the documentary] he liked having pretty ladies about, and I thought that was the essence of the guy. He enjoyed life. /Anthony Hopkins
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  • ⋅Sometimes you get as little as 25 percent. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅[In September, Gwyneth Paltrow reprises her role in the award-winning play] Proof ... Shakespeare in Love. /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I almost missed the part because I forgot to read (the script). /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I was so glad that I did it (the film). I think it was probably one of those more satisfying films to be in. Working with Gwyneth is, I think, one of the greatest experiences because she's a spectacularly good actress.” /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅I was in North London, I remember, doing a play, and the news came through that Robert Kennedy had been assassinated. I thought, 'The world has completely gone insane.' /Anthony Hopkins
  • ⋅Actors I admire? Ed Harris, or course, I think he's terrific; because I know he always had to fight being what he looked like a lot, but I think he's a terrific actor. /Anthony Hopkins
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