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Питер Фальк


Piter Falk

Фотография Питер Фальк (photo Piter Falk)

День рождения: 16.09.1927 года
Возраст: 83 года
Место рождения: Нью-Йорк, США
Дата смерти: 23.06.2011 года
Место смерти: Беверли-Хиллз, США

Quotes of Piter Falk


  • ⋅I came to Hollywood and nobody knew me. I was on a coupla TV shows. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅I did do my own stunts. /Piter Falk
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I never understood a word John Cassavetes said. And I think he did that deliberately. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅I'm just looking to get through the day. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅If your mind is at work, we're in danger of reproducing another cliche. If we can keep our minds out of it and our thoughts out of it, maybe we'll come up with something original. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅The only mountain that I would still like to climb: I'd like to break 85. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅Usually, I get hired because I'm tall. /Piter Falk
  • ⋅You talk about what a director, he was smart. He said, Turn the camera on! /Piter Falk
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