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Эдди Сибриан


Eddie Cibrian

Фотография Эдди Сибриан (photo Eddie Cibrian)

День рождения: 18.06.1973 года
Возраст: 44 года

Quotes of Eddie Cibrian

Американский актер

  • ⋅“You cannot imagine how great it is to step out on the stage with thousands of screaming fans loving you.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“Brian was the guy, ... The guy who got into the costume.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“The Bold and the Beautiful.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“He could see through his neck, ... but the head was way up here.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“We'll see what happens,” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“[In all the world, there are only about a dozen people fully certified in the new technology.] Very complicated to use, ... It would take you, I think they said, six to seven years to be fully certified to use these things by yourself and own and operate one.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“Let me out of here!” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅“You think you know something and you really don't. It appears to be one way and it's really another. All that's true with this show.” /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅Well, my wife doesn't engage. I mean if you want to look back, really dig down and be a journalist, look at the timelines and you will see that there is a big discrepancy and there really is no going back and forth, my wife sometimes I mean you eventually you have to say something, enough is enough, but the truth is she has always taken the high road. /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅I crave attention and adventure. /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅I can't change the past and I'm truly sorry that people got hurt along the way but not everything reported in the media is reality and continuing to rehash things publicly only makes it more difficult for everyone to heal. I hope for the sake of our children we can all move forward and heal privately. I wish their mother nothing but the best. /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅Things are finally starting to calm down and be the way they're supposed to be. I think things happen for a reason. /Eddie Cibrian
  • ⋅You cannot imagine how great it is to step out on the stage with thousands of screaming fans loving you. /Eddie Cibrian
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