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Энди Гарсия


Andy Garcia

Фотография Энди Гарсия (photo Andy Garcia)

День рождения: 12.04.1956 года
Возраст: 62 года
Место рождения: Гавана, Куба

Quotes of Andy Garcia

Американский актёр, кинорежиссёр, кинопродюсер

  • ⋅Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment. If I'm attracted to something, that's it. If I have reservations, those don't change till they're resolved. My first impression is how I go. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅Becoming a producer enables you to empower yourself, to make the film that you want to make. I have desires to make movies - I have movies I'm developing, and things that I'm interested in. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅They say a lot of women would like to see me naked, but there's not a lens long enough for that. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I've had my moments of insanity. But there is a certain responsibility to set proper examples for your children, and that influences your choices in every aspect of your life. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅That's why you end up producing or directing. Because if you don't try to make these stories, you can't expect anyone else to come up with that idea and offer it to you. So you assume certain aspirations and goals, in order to tell certain tales. So you become the producer out of necessity, maybe not out of real desires. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I don't control the movies that are offered to me, but I make choices based on certain parameters. /Andy Garcia
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  • ⋅My uncle, who was a little more flamboyant, always said the guy who dressed the best was Fred Astaire. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I approach my work musically a lot in terms of the way maybe a jazz musician would approach an improvisation on a theme. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I'm not the type of person who goes through all this effort for a movie, and then doesn't care if anybody sees it. I want them to see it, and I want them to see it on the big screen. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I was a banquet waiter at the Beverly Hilton hotel. You learn a lot when you're in the service industry-the jerks of the world really come to the fore. It's a valuable learning experience to be in the position where you're of service to someone who sometimes doesn't even know you're there. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅It's better not to work than to work in something you don't want to be working in. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I'm a staunch anti-Castro individual. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅My grandfather was a very elegant individual. My father also. He was a lawyer and farmer in Cuba. In Miami, he had to go to work wherever he could. But whenever it was time to go out, you saw how they cared for how they looked. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅So for directors, actors, producers, writers-whoever encompasses the creative elements of a film-you have a hit, everyone's happy, and you're the hottest thing in the world. But if the movie doesn't open, then those realities do come into play. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅Children make you a better everything. Daughters open up a whole different sensibility to you. When you have children, it focuses you on them as opposed to on yourself. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅You have to love the guy that you play, even if you play the villain, you've got to love him. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅We didn't bring much out of Cuba. On the way to the airport they searched you and took everything, and then they put you on a plane. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅Movies are very hard to make, to get it all to come together. So many people have their say in what the end product of films are /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I'll be with it as long as it takes. Certainly, in this business you need a tremendous amount of inner fortitude to be in it for any kind of length of time, and I've already been doing this for twenty years. I'm just going to keep on working on the things that reach me, the things that I want to be associated with and identified with, both as an actor and a filmmaker. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅In the '40s and '50s, Havana was the Paris of the Caribbean. Everyone was always well-dressed. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I still have a leather jacket my brother wore in the '60s. It doesn't fit me, but I figure maybe it'll fit my daughter. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅I live in a house full of women, dolls and conga drums! /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅There was madness. These are people who live life differently than most of us. There's that classic thing about being attracted to the one thing that will destroy you. There was madness to their love. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅Steal Big, Steal Little. /Andy Garcia
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  • ⋅I could talk about him all day. He's the Mozart of Cuban music /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅When I met him, he seemed to me a humble man who spoke through his music, and that's the way he's always been, ... He dedicated his life to his music and his art, which transcends cultures and even age. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅This celebration means a lot to me because I owe all in my life to the cultural heritage I came from, specifically Cuban American but also Hispanic American. What gets you through the daily struggle of pursuing that dream is rooted in cultural heritage. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅It's fun doing something different each year, ... There's something about testing yourself athletically that makes all of it fun. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅It's a great tragedy, ... It's become such a politicized situation. The great tragedy is that you have to get on a raft. /Andy Garcia
  • ⋅My grandfather was a very elegant individual. My father also. He was a lawyer and farmer in Cuba. In Miami, he had to go to work wherever he could. But whenever it was time to go out, you saw how they cared for how they looked. /Andy Garcia
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